Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kevin Ketley Reports: Herne Bay Festival 2009

Well.....yes it's time for more ad-lib from our sports expert, Kevin Ketley. Quite why he gets given these commentating jobs that has nothing to do with sport remains a bit of a mystery - but he needs the work.
This time he is in Herne Bay for the opening parade at the start of the week long festival.

Sadly we don't get coverage of the fireworks that followed, Kevin had discovered a pub nearby and he was there for most of the festival. He's drying out even now.

Still, he knew what he was doing.....

More Naughty Finds!

Firstly one must apologise for a quiet spell here on the pages of WOP over the past few weeks. Don't worry, this is the calm before the poot. Plans are currently being made for some cracking poot productivity soon!

In the meantime.....more substandard posting.

Our roving eye has been alerted to yet another saucy product on sale. Not in Deal for a change or anywhere in Kent this time! This was at......of all places.....the shop in The Science Museum in London!

Heaven knows what Einstein would have made of this. E=Mc saucy!