Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the good times continue!

Isn't it great to know that even in these tough times of recession, there is still great entertainment out there to keep the spirits up?!

With prices slashed left, right and centre, there are
great bargains to be had - as illustrated by this gem,
found in a local supermarket bargain bin!

Can you believe it?! Just £2.99!!!

(Actually, I can)

Rock on Tommy!

Poor poodle picture

Alright, come on now - just admit it...

Which one of you party Pooters dented Terry's head in the
poodle picture stored in the East wing attic?!

This is art, I tell you - ART!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

WOP: Ramsgate Revisited

So much poot-worthy material was gathered from our last visit to this famous Kent port, one half of the Poot team decided to go there again today.... and yet again - the visit proved fruitful!

It has to be said, that these are all in one street.....maybe many more treasures can be found upon further exploration.....

Okay...I may have doctored this one ever so slightly! Apt though, don't you think?

Is this a clinic? A shop that will give you burns?? Maybe it's a poorly named electrical appliance shop? Who knows.....

This surely must be the most half-arsed sign in Kent! We like it.

Ramsgate gets a great big thumbs up from The World Of Poot!

The morning after the pootage before

Well, Pooters... how are your heads feeling today, following
the weekend's Birthday celebrations?

Mine is still where it should be - which is something - but as you can imagine, some of the team did not come out the other end quite so well! Still, we all had a good time - and that really is all that matters!

If you are anything like our Kevin Ketley, your first priority upon waking this morning would have been to reach for the medicine cabinet. But what greeted you when you got there?
Bare shelves? Used cotton wool buds? Half-empty
tubes of petroleum jelly?

I thought so.

You may well have thought to yourself... "Them kids is up t' summat".
And you'd be right.


We saw this coming!

Which is why we set our boffins to work... oooh... literally 'some'
time ago, to help dig you out of the foolish mess we knew you'd land yourselves in.

And so, WOP International proudly presents...

Didn't see that coming, did ya, kid?!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artbear 2!

Well, the birthday balloons have burst and a skin has formed on the custard.
I guess we have to go back to school tomorrow! What a splendid weekend it has been -
all the poot posts! We've had the debut of Artbear, the Wop-umentary
with Nev, Pylons...and today - the incredible additions to our ever
growing WOP International shop.

So how do we follow all that? Artbear Returns!

Yes, you can't keep a bear with anger management issues down can you?
So here he is...again!

Another Warning: Artbear has managed to control his swearing
this time but his 'drawings' may offend!

Flossie's Instructions

Honestly, I don't know what those chaps at WOP International
are playing at - they must have the Birthday bug in them or summink!

(nasty condition, that)

They now tell me that due to overwhelming demand for the 'Flossie' MW Radio in the last couple of hours or so, they have now issued - get this - the original instruction diagram, means that owners will be able to personalise their Flossie to really make her 'sing'!

Here's a sneak preview; be sure to click the pic to get a closer look at those exciting instructions!

All-new 'Everyday Electronics' catalogue out now!

News just in from those chaps at WOP International...
The all-new 'Everyday Electronics' catalogue is out now!

If you liked the sound of the Flossie MW Radio and
the WOP RS-80 microcomputer (and frankly, why wouldn't you),
then you won't be disappointed with the other gems
to be found in our full range of tech tat!

(click to big-up)

These exclusive catalogues are free of course -
we couldn't charge for that sort of thing. Could we?

To get your copy, simply send a first class stamp,
attached to a £12.73 cheque made out to WOP International,
and we'll dispatch it just as soon as our lunch break is over. Probably.

WOP International commemorative tat

Well yes, then - here we are... WOP is 1 year old!
And to think they said it couldn't/shouldn't be done!

As part of our Birthday weekend celebrations, those lovely
chaps over at WOP International have released some commemorative
merchandise especially for our devoted fans of tat.

Available from the Visitor Centre shop are such
technological delights as:

Give them the welcome they deserve!...

WOP Int. - Connecting people
(when reliability allows)...

This just might be music to your ears!...

When style and entertainment combine -
get personal with Flossie!...

And of course, from the ever-expanding
range of Cheestring brand...

(click to view larger)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOP Special: When Signs Go Wrong...

Well, it goes to show - everyone can have the 'typos' according to this example spotted yesterdayyyy!

WOP Special: Nev Goes To Church!

Now, don't get me wrong but I didn't think Neville was a religious type. However, I was surprised to hear his announcement today that to celebrate the WOP birthday, he was going into a local church. I decided to follow him and the full picture quickly became apparent!

A model railway in a church???? Well, I thought I had seen it all. Now I have.

What are we to expect then? Priests and Pullman Cars? Clergymen with Class 47's? Vergers and Virgin HST'S? (Nev has a long list of these).

WOP Special: Happy Birthday WOP!!

Let the celebrations begin! World Of Poot is one years old today.......!!!
What a milestone - and indeed quite an acheivement - what with the recession and that. The WOP shop is still going strong - in fact - the orders for Fingershoes and Paper Socks have been a record high this month. So to celebrate this remarkable time, we've got some extra 'special' posts this weekend for you! To kick us off - a message from our very own Neville.......

'' Tea Towel Set!!!!! Well....one year on and what have we learned from it all? Nothing! I like to feel I am part of that. Since joining WOP I have enjoyed doing the videos and indeed, being instrumental in keeping the level of entertainment to such a high standard. That's all that matters...''

On a more serious note , we here at WOP Productions would like to thank everyone for their patience and support over the past 12 months. Without whom, this would still have been possible.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WOP Special: Nev's Pylon Spotting

''I've always been into spotting. Trains can be a bit
mainstream sometimes - even though I love
them to bits! Occasionally though, I do like
to go a little offbeat and I go for a ramble
in the countryside to find some pylons to
snap up in my collection. Look at these
turrets of power!!!!

Just One More Day To Go!

Ah....the countdown to the WOP birthday extravaganza is almost over.... One more day to go - prepare to make some noise..... and cakes.

Guess The Musical - A Bit Of A Blunder!

Dear me....you've got to laugh really.
I have just noticed a bit of a blooper on the part of the uploaders- ahem!
If you hover your mouse cursor over each image of the quiz, you'll see what i mean!
Still, if you get stuck, you can always use that to find out the answers. Yes, that's why I did it. Yes.

Two Days To Go....!

Yes Pooters - World Of Poot will be one year old on Saturdayyyyyyy!!
There will be a festoon of posts coming at you over the next few days to celebrate this remarkable milestone....
Put the bubbly on ice, it's going to be a noisy weekend!

WOP Special: Introducing Artbear!

We have a new character! Artbear is here with his debut programme especially for our WOP celebrations. What can we say about him? He is highly creative and laid back....sometimes. Watch the video to find out more!

Warning: this video does contain a bit of mild language, still - he knew what he was saying.....

WOP Special: World Of Poot; OneYear On.

As part of our WOP celebrations, Neville Cheestring presents and narrates this 'special' video, looking at the origins of WOP, it's characters and what's going on in the minds of the creators Lobster-Mitch and Babbington.

It also includes never seen before footage!

It's all there Pooters, it's all there.......(but mainly it's yet another thinly disguised Neville Show).

WOP Special: Guess The Musical!

As regular Pooters might tell you, we run a 'Guess The Movie' quiz. This time, as part of our special birthday posts, we have got another picture quiz but you have to identify the famous musicals!
As usual, the winner will be picked out a hat and told something or another.

Good luck!

WOP Special: Eeeh, The Things You See!

The strange things one can witness around and about ones locale can be quite staggering. Here are a few examples captured by our WOP intrepid photographer and potato spider expert, Fingus Finchley.

Have you ever seen a more blatant use of wearing a red cap? I know what you're thinking pooters, but apparently, the police have their hands tied!

Herne Bay High Street - who said there was a shortage of bumble bees? Clearly this is not the case here!

I'm not sure if I want to go to this museum or not.......I think - not.

At this time of the recession, I feel this garage is not helping itself. I don't know anyone in Herne Bay that has their own jet - never mind wanting to wash the thing.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Neville Blog # 2!

Here it is! Neville has managed to spare us a few of his precious minutes to give us another one of his blogs....bless him. He has just got back from an extended weekend in Crewe, where he went to spot some 'glorious machines from the past'. Although he doesn't talk about that in this blog for some reason!

So what is he ranting on about this week? Well, he's in good spirits, probably due to inhaling some Deep Heat or Algipan. Also there is a special appearance from a face from the past.....

It's all there pooters....it's all there! Including some Nev-ups at the start! Enjoy/endure....

Clearly, the signs are out there...

You know what, I must be attracting these
strange notices since discovering the car boot sale one recently.

Everywhere I go, I seem to stumble upon another delightful example.

Here are the latest two:

Just what is a 'cupsimug' anyway?!!!

I've never sampled 'famil'. Is it nice?

More to come soon enough, I'm sure!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

If Neville got down with the kids...

Well now, I'd like to pose a question:

Bit of a long shot, I know, but what would happen if Neville
got hip - you know, in a funky, down with the kids, up with the sparrows kind of way?

I reckon it might look something like this:

B2K by Tim & Gendle from LOCKDOWN projects on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clarks Premium Gear Kit

One for those 'in the know' ...

Clarks Premium Gear Kit


# Teflon gear innerwires (Teflon coated)

# XTR type housing for reduced friction

# Sealed system, water and dirt resistant

# Alloy ferrules, anti-corrosion

Ahhh how we miss him... ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Nev's Blog - Number One!

Our Nev has decided to start a series of blogs exclusive for WOP! Here are his rantings for this first outing - as you can see - he is not one for technology. It angers him to be honest, but he did his best. That's, after all, what really matters......

Car boot sale with rules

I must admit, I am a little confused by something I saw today:

What exactly are the organisers saying?

Are they trying to exclude super-tall people from their elitist event, capping the limit on 6' 9"?! If so, this sounds like an inside job by the Pixie (yes, you know who you are!)

Isn't that 'hightist' or something?


Are the organisers simply advertising for a Carboot Sale Refit?

And if so, is 5 hours really long enough to complete the job?!

I just don't know.

The Scrabble commeth...!

Two can play at your game, Lobster-Mitch.

You brought this on yourself...!

Oh yes.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Return of the Babbington!

So there's a new poll... And rightly so.

"Where has Babbington been?" I hear you cry!

Well, my dear Pooters, I have been all over the place,
gathering some beautiful, um, material for your delectation.

You lot were never far from my heart... It's good to be back.

And that's all that matters, really.

On my travels, I went to all the best amusement parks...

I saw how the 'Nev Effect' swept across the nation...

I enjoyed 'food on the go' at fashionable high street outlets...

I even took time to get cultured and educated...
(Who'd have thought 'quoin' was an actual word - as apposed to, say, a
word made up during the heat of battle that can often be Scrabble - eh, Mitch?!)

So, by all means, partake of the poll on the left here, but fear not - there is plenty more to come from my wanderings... including some exciting new releases from WOP International which I saw in prototype stage in our secret potato-lined underground bunker!

Thanks you for missing me, one and all.
Thank you.