Monday, February 23, 2009

WOP Archives: The Neville Programme!

A recent trawl of the WOP archives unearthed this gem from 2005. It seems Nev was making a name for himself back then - although you don't want to know what that name was of course.

Sadly the rest of the programme has been forever lost in the attic of time, but at least we have this intro. Quite why they only made one episode of this will always remain a mystery.....
Maybe some lucky person might discover the rest of the programme in it's entirety at a car boot sale one Sunday...who knows!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is Neville Everywhere??!

Just this very morning, I spotted this sign outside some flats in Kent. It seems he's everywhere.....

And to add to the irony, it was dead opposite the railway station!

It writes itself....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look Through The Letterbox - The Bloopers!

Here's a little bonus! A short video of all the bloopers or Nev-ups that didn't quite make the final, 'well polished' video.....crikey!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Neville Does Art!

It's art time! Neville has decided to take up painting his favourite subject - trains! Now that he is somewhat recovering from recent injuries, he has plenty of spare time!

This first masterpiece titled ' Lovely Body On Her' is available to buy from our WOP catalogue.

Look Through The Letterbox...

Neville is here again, in this special for WOP! Here he guides us round a fellow World Of Pooters' house and we have to guess who's living there....
So sit back, pour yourself a glass of cheesewine, put on your Fingerwellies and relax ......

To fully enjoy Nev in his full flow, it's best to let this one buffer up as it's an epic......
Incidentally, Neville has pointed out the pun on the word 'buffer'.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Dodgy Record Covers!!

Once again we went along to the charity shops in Deal, Kent, to see what delights they had in store. And once again, we weren't disappointed......

We even went back to the same shop, just to see if we missed anything from our first, hurried visit.
I think you'll agree - pure gems to be found. My personal favourite is 'Bankers At Play'. Heaven knows.....

Valentines Day with Nev and Floss....

It's Valentines Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

This weekend saw the celebration of St. Valentony and all things lovely and fluffy.
Our toothsome hero, Neville Cheestring went out with his dearheart, Flossie Setsquare (who he calls his little 'Dental Floss').

It was to be a perfect day, well that was the plan. However, some rather unorthadox propositions from our Nev' was met with....well - let's let the pictures speak for themselves!
Love is.......spending two hours in casualty in a neck brace. Still, she knew what she was doing.......

Neville: '' I wanted to choose accomodation close to the railway station (two single rooms of course - and a bolster in the dividing wall to be sure) but Flossie wanted to be close to the bus station. Clearly this caused major friction and proved to be a vital turning point in our relationship...''

Neville: '' All in all, an unexpected outcome to the day, however all is not lost. The doctor (who was a Star Trek fan) said that my neck brace can come off in a few weeks. In the meantime, I am at home, watching back to back episodes of 'The Greatest Train Journies In The Maidenhead District.''

One wonders if this incident marks the end of this fledgling relationship? Only time will tell of course, and providing there is an adequate buffet service and first class travel.....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

WOP Catalogue.....Spring 2009!

Yes! The latest WOP Spring Catalogue is out now, here is a sample page of the new 'Additions' Catalogue.

Is there a better way to banish those winter blues? Is there? Well?

How about treating yourself to a pair of Fingerwellies? Like the now famous Fingershoe, it's welly shaped but it still fits on the finger of most people. Perfect for this rather nasty weather!
Or how about a plate of WOP Chips? Lose weight the more you eat, it's that simple!

So why delay - order your catalogue today........

To enlarge, please click on image above :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


It's time to be spooked! We introduce our new character, Eric Kiaora in this 'special' show 'Ghostcatcher'.

In his first outing for WOP, he visits what appears to be a normal, average family home, but there have been disturbing reports of paranormal activity.......


It looks like our toothsome hero has relocated to *Simsville! Our intrepid photographer snapped up these shots to see how he's settling in......

*The Sims 2, EA Games Copyright.

Looking groovy in those slacks....

As you can see, Nev is getting back into the wild.....

More news next time Pooters!

WOP News Is Back!

Well, you can't keep a good nerd down. Neville is back again to bring us the latest news and headlines, to a fashion.

Plagued by the same technical problems, and errors, Nev clearly is getting annoyed at the incompetence. Ah, but where would WOP be without it? Like all WOP videos with Nev, bloopers are an integral ingredient......

So toast a pillow - this is the neeeeeewwwws!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

WOP Movie Quiz Returns!!!

We have another movie treat for you again Pooters! As before, try to guess the famous movie titles from the picture clues.... and furthermore, as before - there are no prizes to give out! We have been waiting for a batch of WOP pencils to be made, but they haven't turned up.

Oh well...enjoy the quiz!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pootball - New Years Eve Final 2008

Due to an unprecedented level of harrassment from certain regular Pooters (you know who you are!), the boys at Poot Sport have rummaged around in the archives and dug out the un-broadcast footage from last year's Babbington's Biscuits Pootball New Years Eve Final - live and direct from the Poot Arena!

Incidentally, mention is made in the commentary of last year's Extreme Scrabble event. You can feast your eyes on this here.

So then. Sit back, straighten your shin guards and join us
as we take another trip to
Slapper-on-the-Common to enjoy
these extraordinary levels of something or other.

Ladies, gentlemen, cushions and flapjacks, welcome...
to Pootball!

(Let this baby buffer - she's 22 mins 41 sec, see)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Doing It The Neville Way!

Either the housing developers are running out of ideas for names of new roads, or they've been inspired by out antics here at WOP, but on a recent cycle trip - I spotted this beauty.....

...Lovely signwriting skills on her.....