Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artbear's New Look!

It's the return of Artbear in yet another belated Easter special....! This time, he's got a new theme tune and titles. The production team at WOP have really blown the budget now - although we don't mind..... it doesn't matter.

Take it away 'bear!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EJ Hirst: Keys 'n' Strings: The Two Daves Mix

Rock 'n' Roll...or more to the point - keys 'n' strings! Yes, our resident DJ..erm...EJ Hirst returns with this delightful tune. We reckon this is going to be the anthem of this summer and possibly further.....late summer.

Take it away Fellahs...biscuits for cheese!

The Two Daves Return!

It's all happening here on Blogger - a new posting format (so this might look a little different from previous ones!) and the WOP production team have spent out a bit on new video software - they had a result, 10 score draws!

Anyway, here they are - The Two Daves, HD and looking smart! 

More new stuff to come soon....!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Belated Easter Special - Neville Cheestring!

Let's face it - we are obliged to include Nev in everything. He gets the right 'ump if he's not!
Anyway, here is a special Easter message from our betoothed hero!

Belated Easter Special: Alabama Footstool

Yee Harrr! He's back - WOP's resident Kentuckian, with his dodgy beard returns in this follow up to his popular debut.....This time - in HD!!!

In Alabama's world, HD means cleaning your spectacles.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

We here at WOP would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! We don't have any Easter specials yet (private joke, Dave!) but we will be filming over the Easter weekend. Expect some new stuff soon!
Have a good one :)