Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tracy, Dave???

The Two Daves were out in their local arts and craft shop (mistaking it for the off licence of course), and discovered this! What could it possibly be....?!

World Cup Special: WOP Blow Football Cup Final!

To celebrate the World Cup, WOP bring you coverage of the blow football cup final (sponsored by Spankworth's Water Biscuits), commentary with Kevin Ketley...remember him?!

Artbear Special: Cooking!

This week, our furry artist/ time traveller is embracing his culinary skills and brings us some tasty recipes involving a pinch of anger and half a pound of rage....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

World Cup Special: Nev's View!

As World Cup Fever grips...erm...the world, it's time for our toothed hero to give us his views on the tournament....

Martin's Minicabs Summer Special!

Martin is back - this week he shows us his latest collections, tells us of his current addiction to pepper and also his latest grievance - thieving kids from the estate.