Friday, February 25, 2011

Artbear: The Artbear Song

It's Artbear time! Yes, the furry creative has been quiet of late but he's been working tirelessly between getting this song done and paying maintenance to his ex-wife. Not easy for a manic depressive bear!

So here it is - the Artbear Song as sung by the bear himself....... Bear's 80's influences are most noticable on this one but all the better for it. The spandex smock he was wearing in the studio is another matter.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Most Popular Bottle Bank In The Country?

Our roving eye once again spots another weird sight! This image was taken by our reporter Grange Sands in Deal, Kent.
''This must be the most popular, sought after bottle bank - even the bottles are queuing up to get in!''

Grange was taken away for a quiet word with the doctor last Tuesday.

Nev's Roads

Our Nev' has been behind the scenes compiling images and information for his new book 'Nev's Roads of the UK'. This book will be 'informative and exciting' says the bespectacled moron.
''There's a gap in books on information on our roads and the network and I wanted to fill it''.

The book which will will be out in the summer highlights the main roads of the country with images and data. If you should wish to purchase it, then seek medical advice.

However, we're obliged to show you a preview, so here it is! This is the page devoted to the M20:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Introducing Barry The Pig!

And so we're well into the new year and now another new character for 2011! It's children's favourite Barry The Pig assisted by Colin The Cow and presented by Matthew Mango.
You may remember Matthew from classic children's programmes like 'Hoopla!' and 'The Lame Name Game' on TV, but life hasn't been too good for him lately since his gambling addiction.

Still, we like to believe in giving people a second chance!

Welcome to WOP Matthew, Barry and Colin! Perhaps we've found a rival for Artbear??

Warning: this is not recommended for children, nor sane minded adults to be honest.