Sunday, November 27, 2011

WOP Christmas: Poll

We'd like to know what you think of World Of Poot - in particular - who is your favourite character? Who has made you laugh...made you cry....made your tea?
Vote now!

Poll ends on New Years Eve!


Wop Christmas: Review Of 2011, with Kevin Ketley

As 2011 draws to it's conclusion, Kevin Ketley reviews some of the highlights of what's been an exciting and eventful year for WOP. We have been introduced to lots of new characters, some will reappear...some will not. Incidentally, we are running a fun poll to see who your personal fave character is..have a look at the top of this page!

So enjoy this look back at this year and reflect on your particular favourite bits!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

WOP Christmas: Artbear

Our furry art expert is back again, this time for a seasonal special. Due to contractual binding, this episode sees him visit a few sick toys in hospital. Can Artbear spread the Christmas cheer with his drawings...?

Find out!*

*Warning: as usual, this contains bad language and violence, so do not watch if easily offended!

WOP Christmas: Nev's Book!

Christmas is a time for a lot of things....toasting the year, feasting, relaxing next to a cosy fire with a glass of something warming.....and the like.
For others, it's a time to milk the cash cow and get some cash in. Nev is plugging this - his new book from WOP Publishing (£49.99 rrp) .

''The book is a 'celebration' in it's own rights.'' Neville said. ''It's all about my kind of people, the hard working trainspotters up and down the country tirelessly and in all weathers, going out looking for train numbers. What bravery!''

Here is a preview of what to expect should you want to purchase it.....

The cover...nice!

''Nice stance on this fellow, quite casual but at the same time - breathtakingly focused.''

''This chap is missing all the action going on behind him! I bet he kicked himself, she looked a beauty too.''

''Lovely long platform this....must be offering this lucky chap quite the spectacle!''

''Strictly for the foolhardy spotter this one - the risks some of 'em take!''

WOP Christmas: Christmas With Neville

It's hard to believe but it'll be Christmas in a month! To kick start the seasonal specials off, we have this delightful insight into how our Nev' deals with Christmas.
Expect more videos and pictures to come over the next few weeks as we build up to the Yule celebrations!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Now how about this for a treat Pooters! Live from Deal, Kent - The Two Daves bring us this exclusive podcast special!

So sit back, defluff the hamster and relax!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fireworks Night: Nev's Safety Tips

We all love Fireworks and bonfires at this special time of year but our Nev has highlighted some of the dangers that can be encountered.... Please note: these tips are for entertainment purposes only - not to be taken seriously!!!!! ;)

Neville's Firework Night Safety Tips:

1) Always wear stout shoes. And a nice mac, in fawn.

2) Never use a flask to store rockets - you use those for tea, soups and most hot beverages. I like Horlicks...ooh!

3) Never light a firework with a cheap lighter, you'll be there for hours. Get a good one.

4) Remember to pack sandwiches.

5) Always check the site of a bonfire before lighting - there may be a pair of shoes of mine that I lost there.

6) Fireworks and alcohol don't mix - man up and stick to weak shandy.

7) Hot baked potatoes are nice, look out for those.

8) Get to bed straight after the firework display - remember 'those who dilly dally, often have the grumps' (ancient Chinese proverb possibly).

9) Wear thermal socks, nothing too fancy of course - think practical rather than fashionable.

10) Have fun of course! (In moderation).

Bye for now, Pooters!

Random Street Art ''Bread On Downpipe''.

We here at WOP like to think we have broad minds especially with all things artistic and creative. Our roving eye spotted this piece of 'street art' recently.

Our art expert Artbear commented on this piece (below), claiming this to be the work of another Banksy - but with baked food. ''Bread On Downpipe is an exciting piece of contemporary art, making a statement about humanity and the struggle to be seen and recognized. It invites the viewer to question his/her own values and placement in life's eternal fight for justice in the world of bakeries in general''.

Wise words 'Bear...wise words.

''Bread On Downpipe'' Artist unknown. 2011.