Monday, January 10, 2011

Artbear: New Year Special

The furry artist is back!
He has some astonishing news for us watch now to find out what it is!

The Two Daves: XTRA

We hope you enjoyed the rockumentary type thing from 'The Two Daves' - so to follow that, we now bring you the bits you weren't meant to see. That is to say - bloopers, behind the scenes and bladder weaknesses.

The Two Daves

We said that this New Year will bring you new characters and we didn't lie!
Let's now meet The Two Daves*; aging rockers and mini cheddar fanatics as they try to recall their alcohol stained chequered past.
It's a trip back to the days of rock 'n' roll and the golden age of cheese flavoured snack based insanity......Rock On!

*Special thanks to Mr H for his breathtaking commitment to the role

Ghostcatcher: New Year Special

Eric's back! This time he's at the house of a Mr Springle hoping to help him with a spiritual matter. He has had ghostly visitations of a ghostly manner, possibly from his late Grandmother.
Will Eric shed some light on this case.............?

No. But watch it anyway.

First Post of 2011: Review Of 2010 with Sir Godfrey Smithers

Happy New Year Pooters!
Yes, we embark on a new year - and what better way to celebrate than to bring you a bumper load of special treats! Let's begin with this - introducing a brand new character to WOP; Sir Godfrey Smithers, retired brigadier and butterfly collector living in his stately manor in Smeethe.

A New Year brings New WOP characters!
(Don't worry Nev fans - he'll be back....naturally)