Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEWS: More on Missing Images...

Message From Lobster - Mitch:

Well it does seem that WOP is not the only blog to be affected by images being deleted! Just to recap - you may see that some of the older images here on WOP have been removed and replaced with a black picture with '!' symbol.
It appears that upon after I joined up with Google+, all images I posted are deleted and not recoverable.

For those of you with an account with Blogger - be aware!!!

Videos are unaffected so far, this seems to only apply to images posted on Blogger.
We didn't realise that images for Blogger are hosted by Picasaweb, who in turn are connected to Google.

So the long and short of it is - there is no way to recover images prior to joining Google+, but image posts from now on will be okay. Also Babbington's image posts so far seem to be okay.

There is an in depth discussion on this here for more information!

Happy Pooting Folks!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bill Ovsayle Interviews...Artbear!

Yes, another new character for you this week! Bill Ovsayle puts the questions to our own 'bear with brush' - Artbear.

Artbear's Latest Piece!

Our furry artist has come up with a new piece this week entitled 'Social Angst and Seclusion'.
Mixed media (a bit of charcoal he found behind the bin) on paper. Price £100.000 (O.N.O)

Artbear says 'This is an emotional piece which to me, explores humanity and questions its placing in the social matrix today.'

We thought it just looked like a badly drawn table.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World Of Tat Bloopers!

Following on from World Of Tat, here is a selection of bits and pieces from our gag reel!

World Of Tat!

Hey hey antique hunters! It's another new programme with our antiques/tat expert Ray Norshyne! Join him on his quest to sift out the rubbish from the tat.

Problem With Images!

There appears to be a technical issue with jpegs on this website - we have trained expert chimps looking into this right now! There may be a bug with Google caches according to the forums. Videos, at this moment seem to be unaffected at least.

However, as the Two Daves would say 'The show must go on!'

UPDATE! I think we've solved the problem with deleted jpegs on WOP. It seems upon joining Google+ archived photos such as the ones here on Blogger are deleted. It also seems there is no way to recover them! Aaargh! We certainly are not amused by this.
Never mind - new jpegs are not affected, just the ones posted prior to joining Google+.
So it seems, although we cannot get the old images back sadly, new posts will be fine :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Two Daves IV: XTRA

And now for those little bits of bloopers and tat from the rockers...!

The Two Daves IV

Yes Pooters - our faded rockers return to our screens in this 'moving' episode! We think that their vice fuelled youth has caught up with them even more so in this one..... and still no sign of Tracy.

Nev Plays Guitar - Exclusive!

What Neville didn't know was that the cameras were rolling.........

Alabama Footstool: The Chicken Fried Bits

Following on from Alabama's debut video here on WOP, here are some of the extras and bits you shouldn't have to see, but will anyway!

Introducing: Alabama Footstool!

Well howdy Pooters! Sorry we haven't been posting round these here parts for a while - but we kinda got held up on the, I'm going to stop talking like that now.

Anyway, to make up for a lack of posts recently - expect a total glut of them over the next few days! Starting with this one - a new character all the way from the deep south (of Plymouth, Devon) Alabama Footstool - with special guest, Mississippi Doorstop.

Let him entertain you folks...yee ha...I'm doing it again.