Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Special: Nev's Ghost Stories!

The Vanishing Railway Station Of Lickmee Moor

Happy Halloween! Nev's decided to contribute to the ghastly goings on, with this spooktacular ghost story based on an incident which he claims happened to him a year ago.....

So pour yourself a flagon of mead or something and switch off the lights. Prepare to have your spine tingled about a bit.....!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nev's Train Journies: Margate To Ramsgate.

Nev's back! He's been compliling footage for a new series of DVD'S documenting some of his train journeys around the country. This is is preview of one of them - Margate To Ramsgate in Kent.


Kevin Ketley Presents...The Grand PlasticToy Penny Farthing Racing Final


He's back, and this time it's plastic toys!

Kev gets the strangest jobs, and this is certainly up there. This is one of the fastest sports going, so you really do have to keep your eyes on this footage....blink - and it's over!

Oh and yes - we don't know why the WOP Sport Logo was missing from the video after upload either.... It doesn't matter.

Halloween: The Nev - Pumpkin!

Following on from the Nev-Witch, the WOP shop proudly present The Nev Pumpkin! Yes.....for many years you've had to put up with sub-standard pumpkins and hollow them out. Not any more!

This tooth-tacular gem comes already hollowed with detachable eye patch and trademark teeth.

It's all there....

So proud of this, Neville himself commented '' This is great, what an honour to have me light up your darkened rooms this Fall. Imagine it..''

Yours for only £45.99
It's that simple. Make the call!

Warning: This product is coated with flammable liquid.

Halloween: The Nev-Witch!

Firstly, apologies for the long gap between posts! However we thought that this time of the year, just as you all 'gave up the ghost' of there being any further posts, we'd shock you!

So to start us off, the WOP shop has launched it's new range of Halloween merchandise with this, the 'Nev-Witch' being one of our special treats this season. No tricks!

So why not send your kids off into the cold hostile night waving one of these about?

For only £9.99, you can! That's all. Not much for a child's happiness is it?

Give the Nev-Witch today!