Monday, December 24, 2012

WOP Xmas: Neville's Christmas Message!

With what will be the last post of 2012 - who better than our Neville to wrap things up!

He insisted on having the last word - so here he is......

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New year from the World Of Poot Team.
More fun and tat next year Pooters!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

WOP Xmas: The Two Daves!

Rock 'n' Roll - the well worn and weathered rockers return for this seasonal special!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WOP XMAS: Artbear's Christmas Special!

To continue with our series of seasonal specials - our furry artist with anger issues is back again!

Happy Christmas Bear - and a stress free 2013!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WOP Xmas: Alabama Xmas!

Yeehaar! The bearded southern Belle is back again - this time he shows us what they do for the holidays!

WOP Xmas: Martin's Minicabs!

Well - it's that time of year once more - Christmas!!!!
We've been very busy here at WOP HQ, it's been a frantic year - but have made time to bring you some seasonal jollies...

To kick us off, Martin's back with more salt related silliness.....

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daniel Pauls: Magician!

To finish us off with our new videos this week, we've got another new character for you - Daniel Pauls, Magician!
Oh yes, apart from Nev making the BR sandwiches disappear, we realised we haven't done any magic in the true consider the gap filled!

The Two Daves: After The Move!

It's a welcome return for The Two Daves, our ageing rockers! They reflect on their current move to a home and promise some good news!

Artbear Returns Again!

Yes..our furry artist is back - and this time his son, Schoolbear has a problem he wants to discuss.......

Monday, October 8, 2012

Martin's Minicabs!

A new character for you! In this one, we meet Martin - proud owner of Martin's Minicabs of Wakefield!*
Martin, divorced, tells us what he gets up to on an average day when he's not driving C List celebs around the streets of Wakefield....

*Martin's Minicabs is an imaginary company name, any actual businesses with this name is purely coincidental! 

Artbear Meets The Joker!

Dear me! Our little bear gets into some scrapes......
In this mini clip, he encounters the evil Joker!

Nev's Nev-A-Log!

We're back! Many many apologies for the disgraceful lack of productivity here on WOP over this summer. We have been so busy - manically so - but have now got some treats for you!

Nev kicks us off with this no thrills video blog....he knows what he's doing.

Stay tuned for more new videos coming soon!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More From Artbear!

Artbear returns with a drawing special this week! He gets in touch with his abstract and violent inner self as he explores action painting and disturbing outbursts. You know, the usual!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Introducing: Jed Wood - Guerilla Gardener!

Time for a new character this week! Introducing Jed Wood - Guerilla Gardener! 

Jed compares himself to the mystery artist Banksy, only he's swapped the spray cans and paint with a spade and compost....

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Two Daves: Happy BirthDave 2!

Our ageing rock stars are back again - before they start making plans for new songs and a tour to mark them being 'back on the road', it's time for Dave's birthday. The other Dave - not Dave - Dave!

Happy BirthDave!!!

Nev In A Car!

Neville Cheestring enjoys most forms of transport - obviously trains are his thing but this week we see him giving us this little treat as his Flossie takes him to a friend's birthday party!

Take it away Nev!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artbear's 'Brush' with Facebook

Artbear decided to show his latest piece to the masses on Facebook....with mixed results.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alabama Footstool Sings 'Kentucky Blues'.

Alabama is back! In this one, he sings a an old classic close to his heart and giro, 'Kentucky Blues'.

The WOP Snooker Shield Final 2012!

And now for an epic production - well as epic as WOP gets really.....
Kevin Ketley is back and introduces the highlights of the Snooker final held at the Jammy Dodgers Arena, Lidworth.
Neville Cheestring and ( a new character) John Vinegar commentates.

How's that for star studded!

Shame about the game itself.

The Two Daves....Rock!

The boys are back in town.... again! This time they've dusted off the guitar and spoons to give us an exclusive WOP performance! 
Rock on!

Friday, May 11, 2012

More From Artbear!

The furry one returns again with this little video. He promises to do more art stuff soon, he's just 'in between paintings' at the moment!

Green Simon II

Yes- the Two Simon's return for another show for children! Somehow they managed to convince the WOP producers to give them another chance after the somewhat unpredictable events in their first outing, so here they are...with more cookery tips for younger* viewers!

*Please note: this is not really suitable viewing for children!

Introducing: Lavender Pastures with Gregory & Hugh

WOP proudly introduce a couple of new characters this week! They're a bit like 'The Two Daves' but more.....floral. 

Drag Duo Gregory and Hugh Lavender reminisce of their glorious and glitzy lives - back in the good old days when they used to grace many a stage with frocks and gowns and sang like a couple of nightingales.

These days however, they run an out of the way bed and breakfast on the fringe of the village of Spoon and now sound like a couple of crows....

Join us as we look back at their star filled lives!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Artbear's New Look!

It's the return of Artbear in yet another belated Easter special....! This time, he's got a new theme tune and titles. The production team at WOP have really blown the budget now - although we don't mind..... it doesn't matter.

Take it away 'bear!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EJ Hirst: Keys 'n' Strings: The Two Daves Mix

Rock 'n' Roll...or more to the point - keys 'n' strings! Yes, our resident DJ..erm...EJ Hirst returns with this delightful tune. We reckon this is going to be the anthem of this summer and possibly further.....late summer.

Take it away Fellahs...biscuits for cheese!

The Two Daves Return!

It's all happening here on Blogger - a new posting format (so this might look a little different from previous ones!) and the WOP production team have spent out a bit on new video software - they had a result, 10 score draws!

Anyway, here they are - The Two Daves, HD and looking smart! 

More new stuff to come soon....!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another Belated Easter Special - Neville Cheestring!

Let's face it - we are obliged to include Nev in everything. He gets the right 'ump if he's not!
Anyway, here is a special Easter message from our betoothed hero!

Belated Easter Special: Alabama Footstool

Yee Harrr! He's back - WOP's resident Kentuckian, with his dodgy beard returns in this follow up to his popular debut.....This time - in HD!!!

In Alabama's world, HD means cleaning your spectacles.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

We here at WOP would like to wish everyone a very Happy Easter! We don't have any Easter specials yet (private joke, Dave!) but we will be filming over the Easter weekend. Expect some new stuff soon!
Have a good one :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


No, not the popular tv games show of the 80's, but a celebration of the fact that we have over 50 followers here on WOP now. Excellent stuff - let's hope it grows and grows!
There will be more videos to come soon, we have plenty of stuff planned, some of it a little too ambitious for our own good - but we'll see.....

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Two Daves: Davecast 2!

Yes - it's the return of our resident rockers! Another Davecast for your pleasure......
So what have The Two Daves been up to lately - tune in and find out!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Word Of Thanks!

We have noticed that the number of followers on WOP has been growing steadily over the past few months..this is marvellous! At the landmark 49 followers - we just need one more to make it to the magic 50! Will you be that follower? Well, will you??!

Go on!

Thank you from WOP to all those that are following us and are enjoying the poot-fest!

Long may it continue :)

Introducing Andrew Peartree....On WOP FM!

It's time for yet another new character this week! Andrew Peartree is WOP FM's newest DJ having started his career in media 2 years ago working in Plidley Hospital radio.

Normally our Neville wouldn't like another new character taking the limelight from him, but this is different - he's on Andrew's show! And so is another.....quite a star this one - Sir Roger Moron OBE!
Yes, star of many spy films such as The Man With The Silver Pistol and countless sex comedies in the 70's.

Tune in.......!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy New Year from Nev!

We thought it best to let Nev have the last word.....

WOP MIX: Xmas Leftovers....

And now a mix video nev - up of all the miscellaneous bits recorded over the Christmas period that couldn't fit into anything!

The Dating Game

Yet another new one for you this week! What a start to 2012!
You might think the dating programmes on tv are done to death, but check this one out!

You might find that you're right after all.

Look out for a familiar WOP face too!

The Two Daves: Happy New Year!

The Rockers Of Ages are back - this time to welcome us to 2012 in their own unique way.
What crazy adventures will befall them this time? Watch now to find out.....

Artbear's Visit To The Exhibition!

The furry one is back! This time we see him go (or at least attempt to) to an art exhibition. See how he gets on......

Green Simon

Here we go folks - another couple of new characters for you! This time, we have the two Simons in this special programme for children - Green Simon! That said - it's best not to let any little ones watch this as it does go a little dark here and there.....
For the rest of you - enjoy and welcome to the world....the green world of.....Green Simon!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Action Squirrel!

Another sighting in London recently! It was early as I was walking up a street by Lincoln's Inn Fields and I spotted this little chap on the run. I was happy with the pose!

Strange Sights In London

So here we go - the first proper post of 2012!
This was spotted during a day in London recently....honestly - the things one sees!

Certainly worthy of a mention here on WOP.

WOP: Welcome to 2012!

Happy New Year to you all - a rather belated greeting we admit, but we have been so incredibly busy with one thing or another here at WOP Towers.
Anyway, expect a barrage of new stuff coming your way over the next couple of weeks!
As well as regulars such as Neville, The Two Daves and Artbear - we introduce some new material and characters.... stay tuned!

Over 2012 we plan to bring more and new stuff, so bookmark today and come back to see us :)