Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Neville's Valentine!

Well, just as we wipe the snow of Christmas of our boots, another Valentine's Day is on the horizon.... Yes, it's that time of the year when love is in the air.

It's nature's way of cushioning the blow of tax returns, stock taking and seeing the poor state of your bank balance after the festive feasts and whatnot.

Neville loves Valentine's Day - it's a time when he can be with his Flossie, providing she lets him near the house of course.

So with the help of our Nev, we've come up with a special poem dedicated to lovers....

'Tis that wonderful time for loving, that moment of shy tenderness,
Nev wants to show his love to Flossie, of trains - he must confess.
But she is his other love, one which the tide will never drown,
He'd like to take her to dinner, at the station buffet at Stourbridge Town.

A pork pie snack and a Wagon Wheel, and maybe more than food,
'A ramble in the country?' Nev suggests, being rude.
Cupid fires his arrows at Flossie's elbow - he's missed by a mile!
But Neville picks up the arrow and carresses it for a while.

'Where will you stick that arrow Nev?' Flossie asked in fear,
Nev stuttered 'I need no magic, Flo - I've got you deep in here...'
He pointed to his chest, showing where dwells his heart,
But he forgot that he was holding Cupid's enchanted dart.

So off to hospital they hurriedly went, upon which Nev lost a lot of blood,
Ruined was his favourite anorak - the one with the detachable hood,
But a happy ending was to be, with Flossie by his bedside,
He heard a Class 270 pass, with joy he almost cried.

Happy Valentine's Day Pooters!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nev's New Hobby For 2010: Water Hydrant Spotting.

As the title suggests, this is Neville's new craze - water hydrant spotting! He got into it during a countryside ramble over Christmas and decided to document the types of hydrants and locations across the country.

''To be fair, I've only seen these three, but I am on the look out for many more!'' The goof stuttered. ''I want to get a folio together of all the hydrants in the country - I think the black 'h' on the yellow plaque is a wonderful design and it makes me tingle''.

As ever Nev, you know what you're doing.......
I think World Of Poot fans would like to know when your first video for 2010 is going to be!

Nev makes no comment.

Friday, January 8, 2010

First post of 2010!

We here at World Of Poot would like to wish everyone a....

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!