Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Daniel Pauls: Magician!

To finish us off with our new videos this week, we've got another new character for you - Daniel Pauls, Magician!
Oh yes, apart from Nev making the BR sandwiches disappear, we realised we haven't done any magic in the true sense...so consider the gap filled!

The Two Daves: After The Move!

It's a welcome return for The Two Daves, our ageing rockers! They reflect on their current move to a cheap...er....smaller home and promise some good news!

Artbear Returns Again!

Yes..our furry artist is back - and this time his son, Schoolbear has a problem he wants to discuss.......

Monday, October 8, 2012

Martin's Minicabs!

A new character for you! In this one, we meet Martin - proud owner of Martin's Minicabs of Wakefield!*
Martin, divorced, tells us what he gets up to on an average day when he's not driving C List celebs around the streets of Wakefield....

*Martin's Minicabs is an imaginary company name, any actual businesses with this name is purely coincidental! 

Artbear Meets The Joker!

Dear me! Our little bear gets into some scrapes......
In this mini clip, he encounters the evil Joker!

Nev's Nev-A-Log!

We're back! Many many apologies for the disgraceful lack of productivity here on WOP over this summer. We have been so busy - manically so - but have now got some treats for you!

Nev kicks us off with this no thrills video blog....he knows what he's doing.

Stay tuned for more new videos coming soon!