Monday, March 31, 2014

Wop at Easter: Martin's Minicabs

It's the first of our Easter Specials - and also the first video of 2014! We humbly apologise for that, but life has been rather busy outside of the Pootiverse. All systems up and running again now though!
To kick us off, Martin's back with more madcap collections and salt ridden frustrations....

Artbear Takes Up Conceptual Art...

Our furry artist/time travelling hero has had a dabble in conceptual art ie: the making of pointless and emotionless rubbish.

He calls this piece 'Gloves On Bog'. Mixed Media, 2014.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Toilet Art...

Our roving eye spotted this piece of 'art' on a public toilet door today, quite what the artist is trying to show here may remain a mystery. 

But what does our art expert Artbear think?
''Well, I can see what the artist was attempting to do here, and the marks he's made on the back of the bog door - but it really is c@£p!''.

Quite, bear....quite!

Introducing...Bell Boy Bear!

Meet the newest member of the WOP family, and indeed another member of the bear clan - Bell Boy Bear!
Expect to see him in some adventures soon....