Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOP Does Ramsgate....

One half of the WOP team ventured into Ramsgate, Kent today to spot some poot material. Look at the price cuts offered!

It's good to see our Tony (must check the literacy of his signwriter, mind) doing well in his legitimate High Street shop!

Well, the standards of Kent Education can leave a lot to be desired, quite frankly! I think the same signwriter is employed all over the town....

This shop specialised in 'Trouser Alterations'. I didn't think there were any adult shops in Thanet......

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

More Dodgy Album Covers!

Well it looks like the tide of tat is spreading!

Just look at these two gems which I found topping
the piles in a Hampshire charity shop!

We love it... and we know you do, too!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where's Neville??

Okay World Of Pooters, it's time for a quick eye test! See if you can find our Neville hiding somewhere in these images below....
Remember, this is just for fun, no Kenyan Safari give aways this month readers!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Babbington In New A-Team Movie!!

Another WOP Exclusive!!!! Our very own Babbington is going to star in the new A Team movie out next year. He will play the part of Mister T as played by B.A. Bbington in the orginal eighties tv series. Our Neville has been tipped to play the part of Howling Mad Burdock, but this is not confirmed at this stage....

Babbington yesterday

But who could play Hannibal Smith? Who knows? We don't that's for sure.
The A Team was one of the biggest television series ever in the world in the eighties. So was Airwolf and Street Hawk. And who can forget Knight Rider? Ooh what about Manimal? Ahhh...classics.
So how will our very own Babbington shape up in the role? We asked our very own film critic Barry Pokevest for his view....

''Sure, at first glance you'd think he'd be absolutely terrible. Maybe he will, I think he will - but it's not my view that's been asked for here....''

Thank you Barry! So what do YOU think! Let us know, will Babbington be:

a) Good
b) Rubbish

Vote now!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Nod To Nev....

Neville would have been in awe of these wonderful publications found in a local shop recently!
Surely products of WOP press?

Deal's Dodgy Album Covers!

Well...over the weekend, me and fellow WOP fan Moggymogg ventured out into the streets of Deal in Kent to seek out possible poot material...
Our search was highly rewarded with this collection of true gems. So sit back and pour yourself some trifle - enjoy!

One feels the urge to go out and buy an old turntable just to hear these classics.

e: One has to point out the possibility of political incorrectness on the last cover! Still, they knew what they were doing.....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Barry's Book Corner

Fresh from his extended Christmas/New Year break which took in mustard fighting in Wolverhampton, Barry Bitumen - our resident literary genius - is back on track. Actually, saying that, things did not get off to the best of starts this year as, upon his return, Barry was confronted on the doorstep of his two-bed semi in Rochester by not one but all six of his ex-wives!

Sadly Linda, Diane, Rachel, Susan, Esther and Peter (don't ask) were not there to hand over belated Christmas cards. No, they were fully intent on laying claim to their individual shares
of the house, clubbing together to organise one big house-share arrangement. Unfortunately for Barry, the collective total of these individual shares added up to 97% ownership.

So, with new horizons literally 'out there', our man has been busily cleaning out his posessions and clearing up after himself for fear of receiving a beating if he leaves even a single hair in the plug hole!
With this in mind, then, this month's inspired recommendation is the Readers' Digest "How To Clean Just About Anything"... which, understandably, can currently be found in the shower cubicle.

Says Barry, "Apparently, bloodstains can be successfully removed from carpets by covering them with a mix of flour and cold water and rubbing gently, drying by turning up the radiators, then brushing off the paste once it has dried. Well that's very interesting... very interesting indeed. I must make a note of that...."


Wise words indeed, Barry. We wish you the best of luck with your ongoing domestic struggles at what must surely be a very stressful time, and we look forward to next month's not-at-all disturbing recommendation.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Nod To Nev...

Well....the keen eyed boffins in the WOP offices spotted this image in last month's 'Anoraks and Gaiters Special'. Surely this is a classic, one which our very own Neville would kill for!

But just who is the chap modelling this rather fetching fashion must have? Who knows, but he does somehow look very familiar....

WOP Dating.... A Success Story!

You may remember the launch of World Of Poot Dating not so long ago. Then again, you may not. It doesn't really matter.

However, we thought we'd share this success story and hope to inspire those out there who are still seeking everlasting love, or something more meaningful.

Harold Thumper 35, saw the ad placed by Edwina Stuffer 29, and was instantly drawn (rather like her make up in their wedding picture above) to her unique appearance. 'She stood out from the rest, and considering they all looked pretty darned awful, it was pretty easy'. Harold said.
However, it wasn't easy from the start. Harold lost a few friends along the way because they didn't agree with his choice. 'Naturally I had to quickly make a few friends in order to lose them, so that was hard'.
But after even the first date, they knew they were meant for each other. Edwina picks up the story....
'We chatted a couple of times on the phone, and decided to meet up outside the kebab shop the following weekend. When I first saw..erm...oh yes..Harold, I knew I had to be with him. We spent the first few hours looking at houses to buy and wedding dresses. He seemed comfortable about that too. Or desperate.
We are expecting our first (of fifteen planned) child in May!'

Well there you have it Pooters, so what are you waiting for? If it worked for this couple, then it could also happen for you.......

Disclaimer: WOP does not hold any responsibility at all. If questioned, we've not heard of you....

Neville Speaks!

After the overwhelming success of the latest video 'Into The Past' here on WOP, the man himself, Neville Cheestring has decided to answer a few questions for his fans. He met up with our reporter, Elvis Sirloin ten minutes ago at the chippy in Gravesend......

So Nev, what are you having? Our treat....
Oh, thanks very much, I'll have a battered sausage and a chip thank you.

Nev, what inspired you to be the man you are today?

Well, I'd have to say that my mother has always stood by me and been a tower of strength through the difficult years, and there's been at least 34 of those.

What is your favourite food and why?
I like a good biscuit, because I like them. Rich tea, maybe a Hob Nob if I am feeling a bit more adventurous! I don't mind..

Now, the latest video - why did you pick an historic theme?

I didnt! The WOP production team just sent me out there. Reg, the driver picked me up from my bedsit and told me I have to be on location in an hour, so I packed my thermos and fluffy hat and got going. I did like the ruined folly though, it was good to touch the past. I like touching things.

Have you ever considered dental surgery?
No, I am happy with the work I do for WOP. I did consider being a train driver, but I'd get a bit too touchy feely with my trains.

No, I mean, why don't you do something about them flipping teeth?
Oh, no, I couldn't. After all, I am becoming famous now, and my outstanding teeth along with the glasses are fastly becoming a cult icon. I am the REAL star of WOP! So don't you forget it!

Would you say then, that you are becoming arrogant and big headed about your fame?
Yes. That's all that matters really.

Finally Neville, will you be in any future 'Into The...' videos?

Oh yes! We've got a few ideas brewing up, but they never tell me what until the very last minute - the rotters! Still, they know what they're doing.....they know what they're doing.....

Thanks Nev, here's your sausage.

So with that, he grabbed his sausage and sauntered out of the chip shop humming the theme from 'The Flumps'. There he goes...the man...the legend....the problem.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Into The Past - With Neville Cheestring

Such was the overwhelming interest following the trailer for Neville's latest production at the end of last week, that the chaps at WOP Productions actully went ahead and pulled the footage off the cutting room floor to put the final thing together!

Understandably, Nev is delighted about this, because it means he gets paid. Not in money, you understand - that would only encourage him. No, he prefers gift vouchers - much more forgiving, and oh so very practical.

Bigger, longer, fuller - but with the usual level of production values - this one runs to 13 minutes an 12 seconds... So for complete satisfaction, please ensure you let Nev buffer right up before you hit the play button!

As an added bonus, the production team have also released some of the official stills for your viewing pleasure - take a look at them below the film itself.

As an aside, we'd like to put out an official request for ideas here... Any "Into The..." situations in which you'd like to see Nev strutting his wonderful, hapless stuff - no matter how absurd or perilous - just let us know. Of course, we can't promise to get through all of them, but we'll certainly see what we can do...

Oh, and be sure to watch out for the next exciting adventure, where our man takes a stroll along the shoreline...


"What a wonderful, awe-inspiring erection"

"It makes you think, doesn't it?
Makes you really have a good think"

"You can see these wonderful turrets here...
Touch it. I invite you to touch it"

"You just have to admire this fantastic building...
the work that's gone into her"

"You're looking a history here, real history"

"You just wonder what was in there"

"There's a mysterious spirit that roams beneath the walls"

"History - you can smell it!"

Saturday, January 10, 2009

WOP Extreme Scrabble

Well... It's that time of year again - January. And that can only mean one thing as far as the WOP sporting calendar is concerned. It's...

Extreme Scrabble!

Brought to you live and direct (at the time of filming, at least!) from the exclusive new purpose-built Poot Arena complex in the beautiful village of Slapper-on-the-Common, in association with Babbington's Biscuits. Your host for this glorious spectacle - Kevin Ketley.

It's Extreme.

It's Scrabble.

It's Extreme Scrabble!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nev's latest production - trailer

A belated Happy New Year to you, dear Pooters! We trust you had a suitably random holiday season? We certainly did. Well, you have to keep up appearances, don't you?!

2009, eh? Ah, takes me back to '82. But that's another matter.

As for this one, what a year it's going to be! Here at WOP HQ, we've already got ahead of ourselves, making the most the Christmas and New Year break. With appearances from the likes of Neville, Kevin Ketley, and That Bloke With The Camera (not heard of him? Patience, grasshopper - all will be revealed in good time), things are already looking good!

So, to kick off 2009, World Of Poot Productions brings you the following trailer for Nev's latest mini-film - "Into The Past" - where he's all-consumed by history! And what a belter the film is, too; with the support of his new company, Cheestring Multimedia, things are going from strength to strength for our hapless anti-hero - just check out his new kagool! Very swish.

So grab your bobble hat and Thermos, sit back, and enjoy this little teaser...