Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Pooters!

We here at World Of Poot would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.
This will probably be the last post of 2010 so..... See you in 2011!

Christmas WOP: Christmas Ghost Story!

Ah yes, the Christmas woppery continues tonight with this special ghost story read and presented by Neville Cheestring. 'The Orphanage'' is a spooky tale adapted from the novel ''Nectarine Theft'' by E Baigum.

Nothing like a bit of fear to get you in the Christmas mood!

And this is nothing like one.

Happy Christmas Pooters!

Christmas WOP: Holding Out For A Neville

Well.....Christmas wouldn't be Christmas unless our Nev' has covered an eighties classic would it? It seems his recent musical success (relatively speaking) with Dizzee Donut and his Christmas single has left him wanting more. He decided to do a cover of Bonnie Tyler's ''Holding Out For A Hero''

We tried to point out that this is a song probably best sung from a females perspective given the lyrics and that, but he just chuckled ''I like it and that's all that matters really. I did this to honour the unsung heroes that need the recognition they sorely deserve. With my head on them because I look better.''

Right then - enjoy!

''Holding Out For A Hero''
Written by Dean Steinman and Dean Pitchford.
CBS Music 1984.

Christmas WOP: Ghostcatcher Bloopers!

So we welcome Eric Kiaora's spectacular return to WOP, but things didn't go strictly to plan on the set of the filming of this year's Christmas Special!

Swig back your egg nog (but try not to spill any down the front of your new wolly jumper) and guffaw at the hilarity and stupidity of it all......

Christmas WOP: Ghostcatcher Christmas Special


Yes - he's back! After a very long absence, Eric Kiaora returns to our screens for this extra special Christmas erm...special.
So what has Eric been up to in 2010?
Eric told us ''I've been mostly involved in graffiti removal with my brother Brian who runs his own sanitation business. It's money innit?''

So the recession has been felt all over. But does Eric think there is a recession in the afterlife?
''No idea, but there is a huge shortfall of mortality!'' He giggled.

Thanks Eric, we were hoping for something wittier.

Never mind - enjoy this spooky special!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas WOP: Neville's World

Our Neville is getting quite excited about Christmas - he has something quite 'good' in store for us on Christmas Eve, but while we anticipate that - here's a seasonal one off.... 'Neville's World'.

In this, he looks at some of the strange oddities and weirdness found in the world!

Or more to the point - his world.

Christmas WOP: Carnivale Oyster

More digging into the archives this week Pooters! We have unearthed a very old reel of film dating from 1919, with footage of the Whitstable Oyster Festival!

No Kevin Ketley of course - but delight in this vintage bit of film.

Pay particular attention to the comic antics of the ice cream seller on his bike! They really don't make them like this anymore.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas WOP: Grim Up North

Well it's been quite a week or so here at WOP Archives, we've unearthed some vintage recordings with 'At Home With Neville' and now we've come across this classic tv soap opera from the 1960's; 'Grim Up North'.

This was considered quite ground breaking in it's day for its depiction of harsh northern stereotypes. So let's travel back in time a bit and soak up the smoke filled snugs of the pubs and the corner shop gossiping as we take a look at this classic episode.

Look out for a cameo appearance from Artbear!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas WOP: Q & A With N.C. and Dizzee Donut

We caught up with N.C (Neville Cheestring) and Dizzee Donut (real name unknown) after their recent chart success with their hit single 'WOP Groovez'. They were preparing for a T- Shirt signing in Oxford Street (Lipchester).

Our reporter posed the questions to the duo.....

Q: How did you get on when recording 'WOP Groovez'?

DD: Well it went fine but N.C's obsession with da studio toilet rolls made things well sad ya' know. That said, for a sad stylee - he did okay...considering this sort of sound isn't really his bag. What tunez are? Best not to lose da shut eye over dat innit.
Donut is right, I'm not really into this kind of music, or any really - but I thought this would be a good way to reach out to the youth. I like to reach out and touch 'em, you see.

Q: Neville, would you consider going to America for inspiration for the next single?

N.C: Is there going to be a follow up single then? Seriously, I don't know. We did okay with this one, I don't think we should push our luck. As my father said to me once ''Quit while you're alive, son'. I couldn't consider going abroad though - all that foreign food plays merry havoc with the you know what.
DD: I don't fink you'd go down too fly in da hood Nev!

Q: Dizzee, would you like to do another single with Neville?

DD: No. The guy is whack, man.

Q: What words of advice do you have for budding musicians out there who would like to be where you are?

N.C: Well, I think you should always eat your greens and wear a sensible pullover. Anything else is a bonus.
DD: You gotta reach into your soul and get da inspiration from your innermost feelings and emotions, then pour them out in your soundz. I grew up in the ghetto in Skitwick Ferrers, and I had to grow up fast. If you didn't have a gun or knife when you were 6, you'd be dead. I opted for a knife and I got shot. Retrospect is a gift. Bo!

Q: Finally boys, what are you working on now?
N.C: I am preparing my Christmas Story soon to be shown here on WOP, I'm getting quite tea towel set about it. I won't spoil anything but needless to say it'll be a story about Christmas.
DD: I am signing on next week. Whack....

Thanks boys - good luck to you both!

Christmas WOP: At Home With Neville - Again!

Following on from our recent discovery of a vintage recording of 'At Home With Neville', we have unearthed another episode! This is somewhat more amazing, as this slice of life with Neville called 'A Date With Disappointment' stars our other WOP regulars, Art Bear and Kevin Ketley. Incredible...!
They all have aged so well, especially Bear it has to said.

In this one Neville agrees to meet Art Bear and Kevin in the pub, he seems estranged in these surroundings as he has only been in the pub once for some peanuts and a Babycham years ago! Events unfold as he meets Anna, a young girl from Latvia....... What will happen?

Tune in and see!

Are these the only two survivng episodes of the series? Who knows.....*

*Possibly, yes.

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Christmas WOP: More Wrong Signs...

While I was travelling on the omnibus today, I happened to spot this rather bizarre example of wrong signage. Who to sack? The sign writer/ company who supplied this erroneous banner, or the business owners for not noticing it??!

Either way - this is another one to add to the pile.

Apologies for the quality of the image (as well as the spelling on the sign) the bus was just moving off and I only had my WOP 45t7 SLR camera on me. Incidentally there are plenty of these left in the warehouse - so if you're looking for a cheap stocking filler ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas WOP: At Home With Neville!

It seems there is even more to our Nev than meets the bad eye - he starred in his very own radio series on WOP RADIO* back in 1959 ( I know that would make him older than he is - but try not to think about it too much, just go with it) called 'At Home With Neville'.

With characters like Mrs Thompson played by Patty EggGrinder and the vicar played by Edwin Frumps (uncredited because he physically assaulted the studio goldfish), we get a glimpse of 1950's suburban life with our Nev.
This was the series which gave rise to some of his famous catchphrases like 'It's bitter out!' and 'I've cut his leg off!'

In many ways this was a groundbreaking programme. Not our words - but Neville's.

We managed to track down this vintage episode called 'A Snowy Day' first aired December 2 1959, exactly 51 years ago!!

Doesn't he hide his age well? Really well actually.

Anyway, as I said, don't dwell - simply enjoy this classic radio gem!

*WOP RADIO became defunct in 1977 and was then merged with POOTSOUND.