Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas WOP: Dizzee Donut & N.C!

Well..... it seems that our Nev' has gone all 'street' lately and has teamed up with his Stateside pen pal to come up with this erm, 'homage' to World Of Poot.
So introducing WOP newbie - Dizzee Donut with the vocal assistance of Neville...er.....N.C., with their single ''WOP GROOVEZ''

Go for it boys!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas WOP: WOP AID - Bloopers And That.

After the successful launch of the first WOP AID, we decided to show you the stuff you're not meant to see. You know, the deleted scenes (some of which might have worked out better if left in) and bloopers and the like.....

Stay tuned for forthcoming seasonal specials...plus the return of an old favourite!
However, it seems we won't have any input from Kevin Ketley for a while - he is enjoying a sabbatical in Frinklehampton indexing his collection of sporting mishaps and memories videos!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas WOP: WOP AID 2010

Christmas is a time for fun, drinking your head off and over eating for sure - but also it's a time to think about those that are less fortunate...those that for Christmas, it's just another day of suffering.

That said, don't let it get you down too much. You have to enjoy it don't you?

Neville Cheestring decided to help children that can't afford simple things in life - by that he means trainers and decent shoes.
Yes, more and more children are living without any fashionable clogs, and Neville has decided to step in (pardon the pun).

Neville says ''I couldn't just sit there seeing all these children going about with naff trainers - I had to look away. But then I thought no! I will do something....!''

So WOP AID is born!

Here he is with the first appeal - please give generously or not at all - it doesn't matter for that matter.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Artbear's Christmas Special 2010!

He's back! The furry artist returns for our viewing pleasure after a brief spell away (at Her Majesty's Pleasure) with this seasonal special. His off - screen assistant Simon is back too with the trademark shaky camera...
In this episode, the Bear tries to get a group of amateurs designing some Christmas Cards with odd results.

Special thanks to Felicity Thornbush for her vocal skills in the announcement!

Warning: This video may offend those with a sensitive disposition.

For everyone else - enjoy!

Christmas WOP: Nev's World Of Plastic

Our very own toothed buffoon heard that there was a Plastic Exhibition at the community centre in Riddingspoon Vale, so armed with a WOP Starter Camera and a fork - he went along to see what they had to show....

Nev was so impressed with the wealth of plastic tat on display, he noted in particular two of the exhibits.

''Look at this beauty! Plastic Man!!!! The ultimate superhero - imagine having the powers to bend yourself into the shape of a chair or something. She's in great condition, such a lovely cover. I'd love to get my hands on her and bend the pages tee hee!''

''I am not sure what these are, they look like some kind of rain hat. Perhaps an item of head wear for canaries in wet weather? It doesn't matter - they look nice and practical too!''

Nev is now getting quite tea towel set about an exhibition of eggcups coming in the New Year.

''You could say I am quite egg - happy about it. Excited. Egg - cited. Doesn't matter.''


As everyone braces themselves for the run up to Christmas and especially the shopping, we here at the WOP SHOP have put together some amazing deals for those looking for that 'special' gift for someone.

We think we've outdone ourselves this season! Just look at these terrific offers!!!!!

Cat No: 345ty Hi Fi Recordagram. Only £999, includes a plug and a copy of 'Babbington Sings Bawdy Songs' to get you up and running!

Cat No: 4ft677g. Video Cassette - o -gram. This state of the art machine simply fits under your television set (jack and hoists not supplied). Comes with a video of 'Nev's Workout Wonders'. Only £899.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christmas WOP: Neville Noel

Well........he's at it yet again! Now he's started, there's no stopping him although we've tried.

With the help of the unsuspecting bearded ladies of the Church Choir of St Dairylea On The Mold, our Nev has produced this - his Christmas single (emphasis on the word single.....) Every copy that's sold, Neville promises 2p will go to charity, which this year is the NPHSE (National Protection of Heritage Steam Engines)

So drink your egg nog, unwrap your chestnut and sit back 'Val Doonican' style and enjoy ''Neville Noel''.

How will Neville top this??! Quite probably - he won't. It doesn't matter.....

It's Christmas!!!!! *


Christmas WOP: Banking With A Smile

Well pooters - our roaving reporters once again spotted this gem in a Kent town centre recently....now this bank gets my money!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas WOP: A Christmas Carol


Finally, the WOP production team are back! We promised you something big..well....this IS big. Epic one might say. Grandiose even.

To celebrate the return of WOP and I suppose Christmas should get a mention too - WOP proudly present 'A Christmas Carol' starring our very own Neville Cheestring as Ebeneezer Cheestring and narrated by Kevin Ketley.

Pooters, it doesn't get any bigger or better than this - and for that, we're sorry.

So let us rejoice in the return of WOP and Nev, and kick start the countdown to Christmas.

Crank the play button, let it stream a little and enjoy :)