Thursday, December 24, 2009

WOP At Christmas: A Snowy Solution!

Merry Christmas Pooters! We hope you're enjoying the festive holiday and now ready to tuck into some mince pies with the WOP Dairy Custard*
Whilst there may be some of us that will wake up Christmas Morning to a blanket of snow, most of us look set to miss out on a White Christmas again this year (despite the cold weather lately!)
However, one thoughtul resident of Herne Bay in Kent has come up with an answer - a WOP Sno-blaster Machine (£670.00 from the WOP Winter Goods Dept) - so at least one part of Kent will see some snow!

Happy Christmas Pooters!

*May contain baked beans

Friday, December 18, 2009

WOP At Christmas: Neville's Christmas Message was only a matter of time. Nev had requested to do one since May but we had to insist that he waited until Christmas time. Here it is, in all it's tooth-some glory.....!

Merry Christmas Pooters!

WOP At Christmas: Artbear's Christmas Single!

Check it aiiiiiiii!!!
Da Bear is busting some rhymez...or something.

Never mind Cliff or X-Factor Winner...(erm....I forgotten his name already!) getting the Number One for Christmas - let's give the Bear a chance!

So here he is with his debut single for Christmas!

WOP At Christmas: Artbear's Christmas Bloopers!

Alas, our furry artist is back and was hoping to record a delightful Christmas message for all of his fans on WOP, but it just wasn't happening for the dude.....

Monday, December 7, 2009

WOP At Christmas: Find Nev!

It's time for a seasonal puzzler!
Hidden in the picture below are 8 Neville's.
Can you find them all?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

WOP At Christmas: Kevin Ketley!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without some festive music and trust us, this Christmas won't be the same. Especially if you get the forthcoming CD from Kevin Ketley 'I'm Dreaming Of A White Kevin'. (available from the WOP Shop and selected 24 hour garages soon at only £3.99)
Crammed full of seasonal showstoppers such as Silent Night and I Caught Momma Doing Something With Santa.

To give you a little taster of what to expect from the album, here is a little erm...taster.

No one does medleys like our Kev!

If this doesn't get you in the mood, then you might as well forget Christmas altogether. No, really.

Friday, December 4, 2009

WOP At Christmas: Artbear Christmas Special

Ooh, it's getting towards that special time of the year, and what better way to celebrate than to take a break from filling your mince pies and hanging up your socks! Relax and catch up with our furry ursine artist in this seasonal special.......

Warning: this video does contain Artbear's usual trademark outbursts!

Merry Christmas From Artbear!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nev's Travelogue: Rye, Sussex

Neville Does Rye! A WOP Christmas Special Report.

As we're approaching another Christmas, Neville has done this one off seasonal special. He took himself off to the ancient East Sussex town of Rye, just a couple of miles over the Kent Border. ''Well, I thought I'd brave it and have a holiday!'' He spluttered with pride.

So what did Nev think of this lovely little cinque- port town? Read on......!

Rye is a nice little town, I liked it anyway and that's all that matters. Best of all, it had a VC! Not surprising really, with all the history there is of the town and it's people. I met Ron in the Old Concubine Inn ( I popped in there for a weak shandy and a crisp) and he told me that Rye is associated with smuggling. He went on to say that he had a van load of pirate Jason Donovan Cd's in his Bedford van if I was interested. So that's this years Christmas shopping done!

This is Cheestring Street! I am not aware of any family connections with the town, so this must have been a coincidence. Actually, I got it wrong - this is in fact Church Square. I don't know why I said that. Anyway, lovely buildings on her.... See that building on the right? The one with the white weatherboards? Nice innit?

This was the museum/visitor centre! My heart was pounding as I climbed the steep cobbled street to get to her. Imagine my disgust though when I found out it was closed because it was out of season. Why? WHY???!!!! Looks nice from the outside though, so I had to make do with this shot for now. I'll be back though...oh yes. And next time, I will be in season.

This is one of the ancient churches in the town. Not sure what this one is called...St. Someone. I didn't have time to take any rubbings on this occasion but I did sit on a bench in the churchyard and ate my scotch egg which I bought from the local butcher shop. Nice shop - and a nice egg.

All in all I loved the town and I will go back perhaps when things are open a bit. I am determined to see what is within the fortified Visitor Centre...ooooh she's a tease!

Join me again. Join me.

The Most Extravagant Branch Of Wetherspoons?

Firstly, another apology! The pages of WOP have been rather quiet since Halloween. The other half of the WOP team has recently been taking up late night knitting classes. Still, he knows what he's doing........

Our roaming eye has been around Kent again recently - and spotted this branch of Wetherspoons in Folkestone. Can there be a more over the top and extravagant building for this pub????
Let us know if you see one!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Special: Nev's Ghost Stories!

The Vanishing Railway Station Of Lickmee Moor

Happy Halloween! Nev's decided to contribute to the ghastly goings on, with this spooktacular ghost story based on an incident which he claims happened to him a year ago.....

So pour yourself a flagon of mead or something and switch off the lights. Prepare to have your spine tingled about a bit.....!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nev's Train Journies: Margate To Ramsgate.

Nev's back! He's been compliling footage for a new series of DVD'S documenting some of his train journeys around the country. This is is preview of one of them - Margate To Ramsgate in Kent.


Kevin Ketley Presents...The Grand PlasticToy Penny Farthing Racing Final


He's back, and this time it's plastic toys!

Kev gets the strangest jobs, and this is certainly up there. This is one of the fastest sports going, so you really do have to keep your eyes on this footage....blink - and it's over!

Oh and yes - we don't know why the WOP Sport Logo was missing from the video after upload either.... It doesn't matter.

Halloween: The Nev - Pumpkin!

Following on from the Nev-Witch, the WOP shop proudly present The Nev Pumpkin! Yes.....for many years you've had to put up with sub-standard pumpkins and hollow them out. Not any more!

This tooth-tacular gem comes already hollowed with detachable eye patch and trademark teeth.

It's all there....

So proud of this, Neville himself commented '' This is great, what an honour to have me light up your darkened rooms this Fall. Imagine it..''

Yours for only £45.99
It's that simple. Make the call!

Warning: This product is coated with flammable liquid.

Halloween: The Nev-Witch!

Firstly, apologies for the long gap between posts! However we thought that this time of the year, just as you all 'gave up the ghost' of there being any further posts, we'd shock you!

So to start us off, the WOP shop has launched it's new range of Halloween merchandise with this, the 'Nev-Witch' being one of our special treats this season. No tricks!

So why not send your kids off into the cold hostile night waving one of these about?

For only £9.99, you can! That's all. Not much for a child's happiness is it?

Give the Nev-Witch today!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Kevin Ketley Reports: Herne Bay Festival 2009

Well.....yes it's time for more ad-lib from our sports expert, Kevin Ketley. Quite why he gets given these commentating jobs that has nothing to do with sport remains a bit of a mystery - but he needs the work.
This time he is in Herne Bay for the opening parade at the start of the week long festival.

Sadly we don't get coverage of the fireworks that followed, Kevin had discovered a pub nearby and he was there for most of the festival. He's drying out even now.

Still, he knew what he was doing.....

More Naughty Finds!

Firstly one must apologise for a quiet spell here on the pages of WOP over the past few weeks. Don't worry, this is the calm before the poot. Plans are currently being made for some cracking poot productivity soon!

In the meantime.....more substandard posting.

Our roving eye has been alerted to yet another saucy product on sale. Not in Deal for a change or anywhere in Kent this time! This was at......of all places.....the shop in The Science Museum in London!

Heaven knows what Einstein would have made of this. E=Mc saucy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More finds in Deal!

It seems that the shopkeepers in Deal, Kent are keeping up their commitments to all things poot-worthy.... Just what are these dinosaurs up to on this packaging design for childrens' hankerchiefs?????

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Into The Family....Further!

As a special bonus exclusive what-not additional feature of the video 'Into The Family' here's your chance to see the bloopers, behind the scenes footage and all the other bits you weren't meant to see! Including some of the characters out of disguise....oh dear!

As ever, the best stuff usually is the bits that are cut out. When will we learn? When??

So sit back.....etc.....enjoy!

Warning: this video contains a strange smell under the sink that we can't seem to shift.

Pat: A further look into the life of Pat Onionring

Following on from his debut apprearance in the previous video 'Into The Family' Pat Onionring has a little spotlight of his own. Neville's cousin shows us his pets and his interesting DVD collection.

Welcome to the WOP family, Pat -you're rather Schpeschial!

Into The Family!

Introducing Pat Onionring - cousin of Neville Cheestring!

Nev got most tea-towel set about WOP'S latest 'Into The....' video. This was to be something quite personal for him - a chance to meet more of his family! Or at least the ones that will admit to being a relative of his.

In this one, we meet Pat Onionring, his computer expert cousin, who works for Sussex County Council.

So sit back and erect a makeshift woodpile - as we go into the family..........

Monday, August 10, 2009

Neville Cheestring Visits Deal

First our Nev' went to Wye station to see what electrically hauled gems were on offer, now he's in Deal! You can't keep him away from his official WOP train spotting duties. However, a truly unexpected find was to be had at the station. As he got closer to the station gates, his working eye widened in boyish delight. A collection of exquisite Pullman coaches were in the station, presumably part of a holiday special. It doesn't matter why they were there - Nev just ran to the platform and whipped out his camera to record this truly historic gem.

Neville said ''I just couldn't believe my luck! A lovely train of Pullman's in classic maroon and cream livery. Stuff of legend! It's just a pity some small person ran in to my closing shot as she was vanishing into the distance. A real pity. ''

Even More....!

It didn't end there either, although perhaps it should have. When Neville got back to home base, he found an old London Routemaster bus parked outside the railway station.

Neville stuttered ''Look at her, all on her own waiting for her next load of passengers. They will never come though, what is she doing out of London??! Sheer madness...and disorder. I don't like it. I can't help but feel sorry for her......''

Never mind, Neville....never mind.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nev's Move Into Road Improvement Vehicle Spotting...

Recently, there was a bit of road re-surfacing taking place near Nev, so he popped down there and took these lovely images for WOP. He went with an open mind but came back feeling quite refreshed having done something a 'little different'.

''Trains are one thing - they are a supreme untouchable force, but I thought I'd take this rare chance to spot some lovely road working traffic for a change.'' He said. ''I didn't realise the amount of work needed to lay a new surface of road down, my good eye was opened!''

Nev was also relieved that he didn't get his 'asphalt' on this occasion.

''Look at her - tearing up the old surface with ease....''

''Lovely conveyor type rigging on her''

''It was getting dark and way past my bed time, but I stuck around for this moody shot. Lovely Hi Vis Clothing''.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Eeeh..more things you see!

Well, I was astounded by my most recent finding in Whitstable, Kent, this week! It seems this local plumbing company has branched out into relationship advice. Makes sense to me!

No need to thank us for the free advertising chaps - It was worth it!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess The Sitcom!

Yes, it's quiz time yet again! Time to give the grey matter a good going over - what's grey matter? It doesn't matter...and that's all that matters!

So you've got 11 clues played out by the Fluffy Players. Yes they've moved into videos now, they were getting bored with posing for still images. More money too.

Can you guess all of the sitcoms? Can you? Can you?? Oh you can, can you!

Good luck!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


The Sims 3 is out, and what a great game it is too. Our Nev has moved into the new town of Ben Bay - how is he getting on? Well, he prefers to be on his own and loves fishing and collecting things. Exactly like his real life counterpart!

Read on.....

A spot of fishing.. He caught a brown trout and a boot today.

Nev likes to read about trains while in his very brown house.

''According to this timetable, the 4a to the town centre should have been here ten minutes ago!''

What a sight! Nev proudly shows off his fashionable fawn clothing.

Stay tuned for more nev-ventures!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whitstable Oyster Festival 2009 - With Kevin Ketley's been a glorious summer day and our Kev' was in Whitstable, Kent, to bring us coverage of the start of the annual Oyster Festival. A slight diversion from the usual sports programmes he covers - but nonetheless most poot-worthy!

The carnival atmosphere was felt around the harbour town, and Kevin certainly enjoyed the carnival atmosphere of the pubs after. He confesses he has never tried an oyster and never will. He can't stand the things. They remind him of his ex-wife apparently.

The BBC have Wimbledon and Football. We have Oysters.
So enjoy the summer with Kevin Ketley.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Primes!

It seems that our Neville has been around for a lot longer than one might first think! We managed to track down the titles for this 1957 U.S. comedy 'The Primes'.

So, Nev made it Stateside - hope they had a visitor centre.

Sadly, the show was cancelled after only 4 episodes. It was appalling.
Still, it doesn't matter - and that's all that matters!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things That Make Nev Go Hmmmmm! #3 Visitor Centres

Continuing with our series of what makes Nev's teeth fall out with joy - we reach the humble visitor centre! Nev loves to hunt down these wherever he goes on his travels.

Nev commented '' If I go out and a place doesn't have a V.C., then I consider it a waste of my day and I vow never to return .....for a bit. They are a treasure trove of information....oooh, the smell of the maps..... pamphlets....timetables.....they're all there! They might even have tea towel and mug sets...oh my gravy''

It's safe to say that Nev loves a visitor centre.

Things That Make Nev Go Hmmmmm! #2 Trains!!!

Well, they had to be there. We're running down the list of things that make Nev drop his flask, and trains have got to get a special mention.

Nev says ''What is it about these beauties that capture my heart? Could it be the delightful play of the whistle as it goes through a tunnel and emerging in it's full glory the other side? Or is it the steam that hangs in the air and the exciting smells that penetrate the senses....or is it that I just love them! I don't know, nor care....give me a picture of a train now!''

Erm, okay Nev, here you go..... calm down a bit.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Munching-On-Sea Donkey Race Final With Kevin Ketley

Our sports commentator Kevin Ketley braved the summer sun last weekend and headed off to the coast to bring us coverage of the The Munching- On- Sea Donkey Race Durex Challenge Cup 2009.

It was a hot day, and even the donkeys looked a bit tired.....

The winner 'Abbots Ankle' came over the finishing line in a record time of 15 hours and 35 minutes.

The other donkeys, plus their riders, headed off to the nearest bar. I think we know who the true winners were that day......

Babbingtons Biscuits Chess Masters Final 2008

With Kevin Ketley......

Last year we tried to bring you footage of this prestigious event in the chess game calendar, but was outwitted by the gremlins of Blogger!
We thought we'd give it another go. Prepare to see this post vanish very quickly if it all goes wrong again!

Fingers crossed Kevin!

The Rude Puppets!

WOP proudly presents children's television favourites, Dylan The Duck and Peter The Gay Panda aka The Rude Puppets. The programme was considered to be too rude for normal TV, so we stepped in.

In order for this to be viewed on WOP, we've carefully edited the language.
This should not spoil your viewing experience however. Maybe it might even enhance it. We doubt it - but who knows.

Take it away puppets!

Warning: Although the video has been carefully edited, traces of nuts may still be found.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Farmhouse Kitchen With Chlamydia Smith

WOP has seen some interesting new characters lately (much to Nev's anxiety) - and here we introduce the latest! This is our new culinary expert from The Cotswold village of Swelling On The Wold, Chlamydia Smith.

She shares her knowledge of food, travelling, life and her workforce of men from the village.....

This episode: Australian Fruit Salad


You will need:

Some kind of bowl
1 banana
2 oranges
(both chilled)
Fresh double cream
Lots of lager

Prepare to broaden your culinary minds.....!

Nev's People

Our toothsome hero, Neville Cheestring, meets his kind of people in a new series! In this episode, Nev meets Robert from Titfield who has collected Transformers since the age of seven.

Being an avid collector of many things, Nev decided to go along and meet him at his home......

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Neville Blog # 3

Well, after the weekend's festivities, Nev felt it was time to settle back down and listen to what he has to say about the matter! And that is all that matters after all.

So check out Nev's third blog, exclusive for World Of Poot........

You can't put a price on quality entertainment.

Things That Make Nev Go Hmmmmm! #1 Tea-towel Sets

Apart from trains - what makes Nev happy! Well, this is the first in the list - he loves a good tea-towel set, especially from a gift shop or a visitor centre.

Neville says ''Ooh you can't beat the feel and smell of a new tea-towel. It's an exciting and rewarding experience!''

The Disinterested Fishermen

Introducing the Disinterested Fishermen!

Please click on image to big it up!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let the good times continue!

Isn't it great to know that even in these tough times of recession, there is still great entertainment out there to keep the spirits up?!

With prices slashed left, right and centre, there are
great bargains to be had - as illustrated by this gem,
found in a local supermarket bargain bin!

Can you believe it?! Just £2.99!!!

(Actually, I can)

Rock on Tommy!

Poor poodle picture

Alright, come on now - just admit it...

Which one of you party Pooters dented Terry's head in the
poodle picture stored in the East wing attic?!

This is art, I tell you - ART!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

WOP: Ramsgate Revisited

So much poot-worthy material was gathered from our last visit to this famous Kent port, one half of the Poot team decided to go there again today.... and yet again - the visit proved fruitful!

It has to be said, that these are all in one street.....maybe many more treasures can be found upon further exploration.....

Okay...I may have doctored this one ever so slightly! Apt though, don't you think?

Is this a clinic? A shop that will give you burns?? Maybe it's a poorly named electrical appliance shop? Who knows.....

This surely must be the most half-arsed sign in Kent! We like it.

Ramsgate gets a great big thumbs up from The World Of Poot!

The morning after the pootage before

Well, Pooters... how are your heads feeling today, following
the weekend's Birthday celebrations?

Mine is still where it should be - which is something - but as you can imagine, some of the team did not come out the other end quite so well! Still, we all had a good time - and that really is all that matters!

If you are anything like our Kevin Ketley, your first priority upon waking this morning would have been to reach for the medicine cabinet. But what greeted you when you got there?
Bare shelves? Used cotton wool buds? Half-empty
tubes of petroleum jelly?

I thought so.

You may well have thought to yourself... "Them kids is up t' summat".
And you'd be right.


We saw this coming!

Which is why we set our boffins to work... oooh... literally 'some'
time ago, to help dig you out of the foolish mess we knew you'd land yourselves in.

And so, WOP International proudly presents...

Didn't see that coming, did ya, kid?!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Artbear 2!

Well, the birthday balloons have burst and a skin has formed on the custard.
I guess we have to go back to school tomorrow! What a splendid weekend it has been -
all the poot posts! We've had the debut of Artbear, the Wop-umentary
with Nev, Pylons...and today - the incredible additions to our ever
growing WOP International shop.

So how do we follow all that? Artbear Returns!

Yes, you can't keep a bear with anger management issues down can you?
So here he is...again!

Another Warning: Artbear has managed to control his swearing
this time but his 'drawings' may offend!

Flossie's Instructions

Honestly, I don't know what those chaps at WOP International
are playing at - they must have the Birthday bug in them or summink!

(nasty condition, that)

They now tell me that due to overwhelming demand for the 'Flossie' MW Radio in the last couple of hours or so, they have now issued - get this - the original instruction diagram, means that owners will be able to personalise their Flossie to really make her 'sing'!

Here's a sneak preview; be sure to click the pic to get a closer look at those exciting instructions!

All-new 'Everyday Electronics' catalogue out now!

News just in from those chaps at WOP International...
The all-new 'Everyday Electronics' catalogue is out now!

If you liked the sound of the Flossie MW Radio and
the WOP RS-80 microcomputer (and frankly, why wouldn't you),
then you won't be disappointed with the other gems
to be found in our full range of tech tat!

(click to big-up)

These exclusive catalogues are free of course -
we couldn't charge for that sort of thing. Could we?

To get your copy, simply send a first class stamp,
attached to a £12.73 cheque made out to WOP International,
and we'll dispatch it just as soon as our lunch break is over. Probably.

WOP International commemorative tat

Well yes, then - here we are... WOP is 1 year old!
And to think they said it couldn't/shouldn't be done!

As part of our Birthday weekend celebrations, those lovely
chaps over at WOP International have released some commemorative
merchandise especially for our devoted fans of tat.

Available from the Visitor Centre shop are such
technological delights as:

Give them the welcome they deserve!...

WOP Int. - Connecting people
(when reliability allows)...

This just might be music to your ears!...

When style and entertainment combine -
get personal with Flossie!...

And of course, from the ever-expanding
range of Cheestring brand...

(click to view larger)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOP Special: When Signs Go Wrong...

Well, it goes to show - everyone can have the 'typos' according to this example spotted yesterdayyyy!

WOP Special: Nev Goes To Church!

Now, don't get me wrong but I didn't think Neville was a religious type. However, I was surprised to hear his announcement today that to celebrate the WOP birthday, he was going into a local church. I decided to follow him and the full picture quickly became apparent!

A model railway in a church???? Well, I thought I had seen it all. Now I have.

What are we to expect then? Priests and Pullman Cars? Clergymen with Class 47's? Vergers and Virgin HST'S? (Nev has a long list of these).

WOP Special: Happy Birthday WOP!!

Let the celebrations begin! World Of Poot is one years old today.......!!!
What a milestone - and indeed quite an acheivement - what with the recession and that. The WOP shop is still going strong - in fact - the orders for Fingershoes and Paper Socks have been a record high this month. So to celebrate this remarkable time, we've got some extra 'special' posts this weekend for you! To kick us off - a message from our very own Neville.......

'' Tea Towel Set!!!!! year on and what have we learned from it all? Nothing! I like to feel I am part of that. Since joining WOP I have enjoyed doing the videos and indeed, being instrumental in keeping the level of entertainment to such a high standard. That's all that matters...''

On a more serious note , we here at WOP Productions would like to thank everyone for their patience and support over the past 12 months. Without whom, this would still have been possible.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

WOP Special: Nev's Pylon Spotting

''I've always been into spotting. Trains can be a bit
mainstream sometimes - even though I love
them to bits! Occasionally though, I do like
to go a little offbeat and I go for a ramble
in the countryside to find some pylons to
snap up in my collection. Look at these
turrets of power!!!!

Just One More Day To Go!

Ah....the countdown to the WOP birthday extravaganza is almost over.... One more day to go - prepare to make some noise..... and cakes.

Guess The Musical - A Bit Of A Blunder!

Dear've got to laugh really.
I have just noticed a bit of a blooper on the part of the uploaders- ahem!
If you hover your mouse cursor over each image of the quiz, you'll see what i mean!
Still, if you get stuck, you can always use that to find out the answers. Yes, that's why I did it. Yes.

Two Days To Go....!

Yes Pooters - World Of Poot will be one year old on Saturdayyyyyyy!!
There will be a festoon of posts coming at you over the next few days to celebrate this remarkable milestone....
Put the bubbly on ice, it's going to be a noisy weekend!

WOP Special: Introducing Artbear!

We have a new character! Artbear is here with his debut programme especially for our WOP celebrations. What can we say about him? He is highly creative and laid back....sometimes. Watch the video to find out more!

Warning: this video does contain a bit of mild language, still - he knew what he was saying.....

WOP Special: World Of Poot; OneYear On.

As part of our WOP celebrations, Neville Cheestring presents and narrates this 'special' video, looking at the origins of WOP, it's characters and what's going on in the minds of the creators Lobster-Mitch and Babbington.

It also includes never seen before footage!

It's all there Pooters, it's all there.......(but mainly it's yet another thinly disguised Neville Show).

WOP Special: Guess The Musical!

As regular Pooters might tell you, we run a 'Guess The Movie' quiz. This time, as part of our special birthday posts, we have got another picture quiz but you have to identify the famous musicals!
As usual, the winner will be picked out a hat and told something or another.

Good luck!