Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nev's Travelogue: Rye, Sussex

Neville Does Rye! A WOP Christmas Special Report.

As we're approaching another Christmas, Neville has done this one off seasonal special. He took himself off to the ancient East Sussex town of Rye, just a couple of miles over the Kent Border. ''Well, I thought I'd brave it and have a holiday!'' He spluttered with pride.

So what did Nev think of this lovely little cinque- port town? Read on......!

Rye is a nice little town, I liked it anyway and that's all that matters. Best of all, it had a VC! Not surprising really, with all the history there is of the town and it's people. I met Ron in the Old Concubine Inn ( I popped in there for a weak shandy and a crisp) and he told me that Rye is associated with smuggling. He went on to say that he had a van load of pirate Jason Donovan Cd's in his Bedford van if I was interested. So that's this years Christmas shopping done!

This is Cheestring Street! I am not aware of any family connections with the town, so this must have been a coincidence. Actually, I got it wrong - this is in fact Church Square. I don't know why I said that. Anyway, lovely buildings on her.... See that building on the right? The one with the white weatherboards? Nice innit?

This was the museum/visitor centre! My heart was pounding as I climbed the steep cobbled street to get to her. Imagine my disgust though when I found out it was closed because it was out of season. Why? WHY???!!!! Looks nice from the outside though, so I had to make do with this shot for now. I'll be back though...oh yes. And next time, I will be in season.

This is one of the ancient churches in the town. Not sure what this one is called...St. Someone. I didn't have time to take any rubbings on this occasion but I did sit on a bench in the churchyard and ate my scotch egg which I bought from the local butcher shop. Nice shop - and a nice egg.

All in all I loved the town and I will go back perhaps when things are open a bit. I am determined to see what is within the fortified Visitor Centre...ooooh she's a tease!

Join me again. Join me.

The Most Extravagant Branch Of Wetherspoons?

Firstly, another apology! The pages of WOP have been rather quiet since Halloween. The other half of the WOP team has recently been taking up late night knitting classes. Still, he knows what he's doing........

Our roaming eye has been around Kent again recently - and spotted this branch of Wetherspoons in Folkestone. Can there be a more over the top and extravagant building for this pub????
Let us know if you see one!