Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Artbear's 'Brush' with Facebook

Artbear decided to show his latest piece to the masses on Facebook....with mixed results.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alabama Footstool Sings 'Kentucky Blues'.

Alabama is back! In this one, he sings a an old classic close to his heart and giro, 'Kentucky Blues'.

The WOP Snooker Shield Final 2012!

And now for an epic production - well as epic as WOP gets really.....
Kevin Ketley is back and introduces the highlights of the Snooker final held at the Jammy Dodgers Arena, Lidworth.
Neville Cheestring and ( a new character) John Vinegar commentates.

How's that for star studded!

Shame about the game itself.

The Two Daves....Rock!

The boys are back in town.... again! This time they've dusted off the guitar and spoons to give us an exclusive WOP performance! 
Rock on!

Friday, May 11, 2012

More From Artbear!

The furry one returns again with this little video. He promises to do more art stuff soon, he's just 'in between paintings' at the moment!

Green Simon II

Yes- the Two Simon's return for another show for children! Somehow they managed to convince the WOP producers to give them another chance after the somewhat unpredictable events in their first outing, so here they are...with more cookery tips for younger* viewers!

*Please note: this is not really suitable viewing for children!

Introducing: Lavender Pastures with Gregory & Hugh

WOP proudly introduce a couple of new characters this week! They're a bit like 'The Two Daves' but more.....floral. 

Drag Duo Gregory and Hugh Lavender reminisce of their glorious and glitzy lives - back in the good old days when they used to grace many a stage with frocks and gowns and sang like a couple of nightingales.

These days however, they run an out of the way bed and breakfast on the fringe of the village of Spoon and now sound like a couple of crows....

Join us as we look back at their star filled lives!