Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artbear Easter Special!

The furry artist is back again with this seasonal special. With hapless assistance from Simon, the Bear attempts to create an Easter Painting for us all to enjoy.....

Please note: Do not watch if easily offended by Ursine swearing and inappropriate behaviour!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

WOP At Easter: Wildlife On Wop

Our buck toothed anorak is back! Yes, Neville Cheestring returns to World Of Poot with this wildlife documentary set at Wildwood in Kent.

We caught Nev chomping on a plain crisps sandwich yesterday ''I must admit, I've been away from WOP for a few months now. I thought it would be a good gesture to let the new talent settle in before I come along and be the best thing again.... and I wanted to return with something a little different''

Well, he has.

Now he's back - I dare say we won't get rid of him. Nev added ''I've treated myself to a new pair of glasses and I visited my dentist - so I'm working on a new image too!''

All will be revealed soon enough Pooters!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghostcatcher: Easter Special!

He's back once again! Eric Kiora returns with this seasonal special - once again hoping to track down paranormal activities.
In this episode, he visits the house of a man who is convinced he has been possessed by the spirit of the comedian Groucho Marx....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Two Daves II: Xtra

The Two Dave's return...erm...again! In this special 'Xtra' video, here are the bits you weren't meant to see - but perhaps in reflection - should have.

Biscuits for cheese!!!!!!

The Two Daves II

Yes! It's the return of our aged musicians Dave and Dave! Watch the rock duo as they endulge in another Saturday Night's madness......washing up!

It's hardcore! It's Insane! It's here on WOP!

Rock On!

Note: No Vienetta was harmed during the making of this video.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meditation....with Artbear!

Our furry artist has decided to branch out from the arts and produce what he hopes, a series of meditation, relaxation and self help/therapy recordings.

This is the first - showing us how to cope with stress and how to relax.....

So find a futon and a bowl of's time to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...................................

When Signs Go Wronger....

Yet again another sight seeing trip to Ramsgate in Kent produces delightful WOP material! One wonders if there any correctly spelled signs in the town at all - if there is - we haven't seen 'em.
So here's the latest!

One would imagine this must be a very small convenience to allow only one gentleman in at a time. Is there any room for a dryer? Or even a sink? Well, we'll never know - the place was shut. Probably due to overcrowding......

Stayed tuned for more finds!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

EJH: The World Of Poot Dance Mix!

We here at WOP are indeed extremely honoured! Mystery DJ EJH has worked tirelessly (without payment *we'll discuss this next week EJH) on this most splendiiiiid dance track which also features the vocal contributions of some of our stars.

EJH insists that this is going to be the hottest sound of the summer. We hope it'll be blasting out at all the clubs across the land - or at least in the toilets.