Thursday, July 16, 2009

The signs are everywhere...

Here's one for you-know-who... ;)


Lobster-Mitch said...

Ooooh! Nev likes this one very much, but he thinks the price of £3 is a little steep. He thinks for that price, he'd want an actual map and not a copy. He's a card!
This sounds like a more upmarket V.C. Nev is intrigued though and would like to go and see for himself. He is thinking about doing a Visitor Centre Handbook with a ratings system. I think he should!

Babbington said...

Well these are tough times, my friend, and there are two ways to approach pricing. Either one reduces one's rates to appeal to the masses, or elevates them in order to attract a certain demographic - a certain 'type' of person, if you will.

Perhaps Nev is simply not their kinda guy. Shocking to comprehend, I know - after all, who wouldn't want him on their land? - but that's just how it is.

That said... yes, £3 for a copy does seem a bit much. At least with originals you can be sure that lines are lines, markings are markings and that attractions really are attractions.

It's interesting, also - "Please ask at the desk" Sure that would be courting danger with our man Nev - you never know what sort of questions he might come up with!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Clearly you've given this some thought lol. I like it.
Although perhaps you should have a spell of the Caramel for a few days and see how it goes then hehe!