Saturday, November 28, 2009

Nev's Travelogue: Rye, Sussex

Neville Does Rye! A WOP Christmas Special Report.

As we're approaching another Christmas, Neville has done this one off seasonal special. He took himself off to the ancient East Sussex town of Rye, just a couple of miles over the Kent Border. ''Well, I thought I'd brave it and have a holiday!'' He spluttered with pride.

So what did Nev think of this lovely little cinque- port town? Read on......!

Rye is a nice little town, I liked it anyway and that's all that matters. Best of all, it had a VC! Not surprising really, with all the history there is of the town and it's people. I met Ron in the Old Concubine Inn ( I popped in there for a weak shandy and a crisp) and he told me that Rye is associated with smuggling. He went on to say that he had a van load of pirate Jason Donovan Cd's in his Bedford van if I was interested. So that's this years Christmas shopping done!

This is Cheestring Street! I am not aware of any family connections with the town, so this must have been a coincidence. Actually, I got it wrong - this is in fact Church Square. I don't know why I said that. Anyway, lovely buildings on her.... See that building on the right? The one with the white weatherboards? Nice innit?

This was the museum/visitor centre! My heart was pounding as I climbed the steep cobbled street to get to her. Imagine my disgust though when I found out it was closed because it was out of season. Why? WHY???!!!! Looks nice from the outside though, so I had to make do with this shot for now. I'll be back though...oh yes. And next time, I will be in season.

This is one of the ancient churches in the town. Not sure what this one is called...St. Someone. I didn't have time to take any rubbings on this occasion but I did sit on a bench in the churchyard and ate my scotch egg which I bought from the local butcher shop. Nice shop - and a nice egg.

All in all I loved the town and I will go back perhaps when things are open a bit. I am determined to see what is within the fortified Visitor Centre...ooooh she's a tease!

Join me again. Join me.

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