Sunday, January 10, 2010

Nev's New Hobby For 2010: Water Hydrant Spotting.

As the title suggests, this is Neville's new craze - water hydrant spotting! He got into it during a countryside ramble over Christmas and decided to document the types of hydrants and locations across the country.

''To be fair, I've only seen these three, but I am on the look out for many more!'' The goof stuttered. ''I want to get a folio together of all the hydrants in the country - I think the black 'h' on the yellow plaque is a wonderful design and it makes me tingle''.

As ever Nev, you know what you're doing.......
I think World Of Poot fans would like to know when your first video for 2010 is going to be!

Nev makes no comment.

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