Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEWS: More on Missing Images...

Message From Lobster - Mitch:

Well it does seem that WOP is not the only blog to be affected by images being deleted! Just to recap - you may see that some of the older images here on WOP have been removed and replaced with a black picture with '!' symbol.
It appears that upon after I joined up with Google+, all images I posted are deleted and not recoverable.

For those of you with an account with Blogger - be aware!!!

Videos are unaffected so far, this seems to only apply to images posted on Blogger.
We didn't realise that images for Blogger are hosted by Picasaweb, who in turn are connected to Google.

So the long and short of it is - there is no way to recover images prior to joining Google+, but image posts from now on will be okay. Also Babbington's image posts so far seem to be okay.

There is an in depth discussion on this here for more information!

Happy Pooting Folks!

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