Sunday, September 18, 2011

Neville's DVD Review

Our Nev' has returned from a recent car boot tour of the UK. He managed to pick up some excellent DVD'S and is now offering us his unique thoughts as he reviews them!

Title: Trains Of Yesteryear.
Car Boot Fair: Swansea Baths.
''Nice one this to start us off...I liked the cover and the smell of plastic. The video itself plays nicely and there are plenty of BR era stock to keep me happy!'' 8/10

Title: Kent Coast.
Car Boot Fair: Bodmin, behind the bottle bank.
''Funny I should find this in Cornwall! This is a good one, as I live in Kent. So I have a personal affection for this beast. Nice Driver POV footage, commentary is a bit dull and boring - hence the full score! 10/10

Title: 100 Years Of British trains.
Car Boot Fair: Kings Lynn, Two Cocks Car Park.
''What's there not to like about this? A century or 100 years at least of steam! Have It! Lovely.'' 9/10

Title: The Lost Railways.
Car Boot Fair: Bournemouth, near the paint factory.
''This one made me quite whimsical and sad, thinking about lost routes and indeed - lives! I did weep for them, I really did. Very sad. 6/10

Title: Buses, Trams and Trolleybuses.
Car Boot Fair: Kettering Library Car Park.
''Interesting one this - I didn't think I'd like it as there are no trains.... trams are a close second mind. Don't like trolleybuses, they don't know what they want to be. Bus or tram??? I don't like indecision, or at least I don't think I do. Nevertheless - a good watch on a rainy afternoon.'' 7/10

Title: The World's Greatest Railway Journeys: Norway & Finland.
Car Boot Fair: Kidderminster, just by the toilets.
''Unopened and unwatched - but I do like the plastic wrap! I will get round to watching it, but my DVD player is broke''. 5/10 (for the wrapping)

Title: Mr Bean's Holiday.
Car Boot Fair: Birkenhead, next to the bus station (great!)
'' I'm not sure what drew me to this one, it has nothing to do with trains although he does get on one in the film. One of those big American ones, you know? Basically the character is a bumbling nerdy oaf.....I like him''. 9/10

Thanks Nev! I dare say he'll do another review special when he returns from another car boot fair!

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