Monday, April 29, 2013

More Daft Record Covers!

Although things have been relatively quiet here on WOP of late (we do apologise but new stuff is on the horizon!), a WOP moment is never too far away if you have a camera to hand.....
These excellent record covers were spotted today - and boy - what a find!

 First offering - Hold Tight, It's Lena! Who? 

Secondly, this classic collection of hits all done on the 'pop organ'. How that differs from any other organ only boggles the mind

I don't know who these people are - but the rather robust lady in the pink trousers wants us to know who she is! 

Now look at these wonderful songs. How can these not be enjoyed even by today's generation? 'Voodoo Woman', 'With Pen In Hand' and the most bizarrely named 'Broomstick Cowboy'. 

And to finish off - a bit of Russ. This image may look straightforward but we can't help detect a sinister undertone. Time to play? By the looks of his face and what he might be planning - he'll have plenty of time. At least 30 years behind bars! 

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