Sunday, June 29, 2008

Competition - The Famous Fur!

Hello. Is it me you're looking for?
Well actually, Lionel, no it isn't. But since you're here, I must just say that's a fine piece of facial topiary you're sporting there.

Ah yes, let us rejoice in the grandeur that is all things face-and-hair. From beards to 'tashes, extended hair lines to downright dodgy mini-growths, there is something truely... what's the word.. er, hairy?... no, 'distinct', about those who choose to support the sprigs.

Here at WOP, we are not unaccustomed to the odd beard or three (that's what happens when you have 3 chins, so I'm told - isn't that right, Mitch?). Accordingly, we'd like to pledge our support in our own humble little way... with a brand new weekly competition - "The Famous Fur."

All you have to do is drop us your guess in the comments section (click on comments at the end of the post) and at the end of the week we'll reveal the man (or woman!) with the famous follicles, along with the name of the first person to guess correctly. There are no prizes on offer here - plenty more sites out there for that sort of thing - but if you have a mag, a blog, a myspace page, a non-commercial website (you get the idea...), jot that down with your guess and we'll give it a plug when we do the big reveal!

So, a nice easy one to kick things off... Our valiant subject this week:

All guesses in by midnight on Sunday 6th July '08. Ta.

By the by, if you know of any good facial furniture websites, please let us know! In the mean time, you might like to have a gander at these gems which we've stumbled upon: The National Beard Registry, Beards And Baldies,
Beard Revue. Surely, hours of fun for all the family!

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