Sunday, June 29, 2008

Introducing Mister Fish

Time for another introduction... this time, it's the turn of Mister Fish - that's him in the picture.

A curious creature, he can most often be found cavorting with the mermaids down at his local watering hole - The Slippery Eel. Nobody is quite sure of his origins; some say he was born out of a freak pancake-tossing episode, others believe he curiously metamorphosed out of a banana skin at the side of the A303 to Taunton.

And before you ask - no, we don't have the answer either.

Beneath the cutesy orange piscian facade lies a dark, dark secret - Mister Fish is not actually a fish at all. Well, he is. But for the sake of this little ramble, he isn't (just go with us on this one!). Stare deep into his eyes and you just might catch a glimpse of what lies beneath. But what is this terrifying creature, you ask?

Mister Fish is... a bumpkin. In disguise, obviously. But that's no excuse. Those who have ever encountered a true bumpkin on their home turf will know just how terrifying a creature they are - with those teeth, those eyes, that pitchfork.

So be warned: if ever you should encounter Mister Fish down some dark watery alley one Friday night, just about 11:22pm, next to the Co-Op... say hello, be polite, just be careful not to upset him. You wouldn't want to end up sleeping with the fishes.

(Mister Fish is partial to a nice aaaaaple).


claires81 said...

You know, I'm pleased I took the time out of my hectic cleaning schedule to look back through here! So many bumpkin references! Still, nice to see Mister Fish though!! Shame he sold his Massey Ferguson Traaaactor!

Babbington said...

word is he's on the lookout for a new traaaactor. He was not satisfied with the ride quality of the Massey Ferguson, claiming it gave him shingles.