Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Exclusive: Coming soon - Nev goes wild!

Don't say we don't ever bring you exclusive content here at WOP because, well, here's one such news exclusive right now!

Yup, he's at it again - our hapless friend, Neville Cheestring, is convinced that he can make it big (again). This time, he's determined that he has what it takes to conquer the wonderful world of internet television. And his vehicle? The great outdoors.

Oh dear.

Yes, hard as it is to believe, Nev is indeed putting together the final shards of the pilot episode of his exciting new show "Into The Wild", in which he 'educates' viewers about all things 'nature survival'. "It's all very exciting really," he says, "... much like railways in that sense. There are trees and animals and... well, too much to go into here. Did I mention the trees?"

And, would you credit it, we've even managed to secure these yet-to-be-released publicity stills, taken during the filming of this latest venture, in which Neville will be seen illustrating the wonders of such skills as fire lighting, food gathering, and 'a hole in a tree'.

We wish him luck - because, let's face it, he's going to need it!

As for you, dear Pooters, you can expect the motion-picture result of Nev's glorious endeavours shortly!


dizzblnd said...

looks to be very... um... interesting.. I wish him lck with the trees and such!

HA! my word verification word is Nessidip...

ewwwww not sure I want to stick my chips in the loch Ness Monster

dizzblnd said...

oops sorry.. i forgot you approve them all forgive my hair

Lobster-Mitch said...

Hi Dizzblnd! Nev thanks you for your kind comments! He is away doing a book signing- the book of the ''movie'' is already out at all bookshops (in Woking).
He enjoyed his outdoor experience, but it did turn a little chilly towards sundown, luckily he had his thermal underwear and a knitted fingershoe.

claires81 said...

Nowt like a fingershoe to keep you warm! I often take one when chugging round the Zummerset lanes in me traaactor looking for Neville, munching aaapples in the meantime.