Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barry's Book Corner

This month, Barry Bitumen brings us his recommendation along with an apology...

Some of our sharper-eyed readers will have noticeed that Barry was strangely silent for the duration of last month, and so did not not offer a book suggestion. He still maintains that this was due to 'personal circumstances', but we suspect he was just simply engrossed in his work and lost track of the time.

Naturally we approached him for his submission but, ironically enough, were greeted with that old chestnut of an excuse, "My dog ate it!" Ironic, you see, because this belated recommendation is none other than Elliott Erwitt's "Dog Dogs" - which, naturally, can be found taking up your warm, cosy space on the sofa, right next to the fire!

Now, Barry likes to keep one eye on the WOP, and it has not gone unnoticed that we have a dog fancier (er... is that the right terminology?) in our midst. So our latest 'anonymous' friend will no doubt be overjoyed by the pictures contained within this post! Besides, with a request stating "can we have more dog images plz? i'd love you for it :))", how could our bookworm resist?!

And Mr. Bitumen's comment this time around?: "This is, quite literally, the mutt's... book! And what's more, you know, it's almost as if this recommendation was contrived!"

Wise words indeed, Barry. We wish you all the best in handling your, um, 'personal circumstances', and look forward to your current recommendation - to be submitted on time! - later this month.

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Anonymous said...

dogs!!!!!! ur the best.

a.d (not lobster-mitch)