Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pootball - New Years Eve Final 2008

Due to an unprecedented level of harrassment from certain regular Pooters (you know who you are!), the boys at Poot Sport have rummaged around in the archives and dug out the un-broadcast footage from last year's Babbington's Biscuits Pootball New Years Eve Final - live and direct from the Poot Arena!

Incidentally, mention is made in the commentary of last year's Extreme Scrabble event. You can feast your eyes on this here.

So then. Sit back, straighten your shin guards and join us
as we take another trip to
Slapper-on-the-Common to enjoy
these extraordinary levels of something or other.

Ladies, gentlemen, cushions and flapjacks, welcome...
to Pootball!

(Let this baby buffer - she's 22 mins 41 sec, see)


claires81 said...

lmao - you're both mad! But I was nevertheless gripped by the thrill of the game. Had me right on the edge of me seat...until I fell off it! Thanks boys!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Well, it's not quite extreme pootball, but it certainly delivers on the excitement front!

moggymogg said...

Who was the mysterious second commentator to join in towards the end???

Or was it just come madmen who infiltrated the commentary box?

Lobster-Mitch said...

Erm, I'll let you answer this one Babbingfish!

lol ;)

moggymogg said...

I mean 'some madman'