Monday, August 10, 2009

Neville Cheestring Visits Deal

First our Nev' went to Wye station to see what electrically hauled gems were on offer, now he's in Deal! You can't keep him away from his official WOP train spotting duties. However, a truly unexpected find was to be had at the station. As he got closer to the station gates, his working eye widened in boyish delight. A collection of exquisite Pullman coaches were in the station, presumably part of a holiday special. It doesn't matter why they were there - Nev just ran to the platform and whipped out his camera to record this truly historic gem.

Neville said ''I just couldn't believe my luck! A lovely train of Pullman's in classic maroon and cream livery. Stuff of legend! It's just a pity some small person ran in to my closing shot as she was vanishing into the distance. A real pity. ''

Even More....!

It didn't end there either, although perhaps it should have. When Neville got back to home base, he found an old London Routemaster bus parked outside the railway station.

Neville stuttered ''Look at her, all on her own waiting for her next load of passengers. They will never come though, what is she doing out of London??! Sheer madness...and disorder. I don't like it. I can't help but feel sorry for her......''

Never mind, Neville....never mind.

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