Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nev's Move Into Road Improvement Vehicle Spotting...

Recently, there was a bit of road re-surfacing taking place near Nev, so he popped down there and took these lovely images for WOP. He went with an open mind but came back feeling quite refreshed having done something a 'little different'.

''Trains are one thing - they are a supreme untouchable force, but I thought I'd take this rare chance to spot some lovely road working traffic for a change.'' He said. ''I didn't realise the amount of work needed to lay a new surface of road down, my good eye was opened!''

Nev was also relieved that he didn't get his 'asphalt' on this occasion.

''Look at her - tearing up the old surface with ease....''

''Lovely conveyor type rigging on her''

''It was getting dark and way past my bed time, but I stuck around for this moody shot. Lovely Hi Vis Clothing''.

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