Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas WOP: WOP AID 2010

Christmas is a time for fun, drinking your head off and over eating for sure - but also it's a time to think about those that are less fortunate...those that for Christmas, it's just another day of suffering.

That said, don't let it get you down too much. You have to enjoy it don't you?

Neville Cheestring decided to help children that can't afford simple things in life - by that he means trainers and decent shoes.
Yes, more and more children are living without any fashionable clogs, and Neville has decided to step in (pardon the pun).

Neville says ''I couldn't just sit there seeing all these children going about with naff trainers - I had to look away. But then I thought no! I will do something....!''

So WOP AID is born!

Here he is with the first appeal - please give generously or not at all - it doesn't matter for that matter.

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