Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas WOP: Nev's World Of Plastic

Our very own toothed buffoon heard that there was a Plastic Exhibition at the community centre in Riddingspoon Vale, so armed with a WOP Starter Camera and a fork - he went along to see what they had to show....

Nev was so impressed with the wealth of plastic tat on display, he noted in particular two of the exhibits.

''Look at this beauty! Plastic Man!!!! The ultimate superhero - imagine having the powers to bend yourself into the shape of a chair or something. She's in great condition, such a lovely cover. I'd love to get my hands on her and bend the pages tee hee!''

''I am not sure what these are, they look like some kind of rain hat. Perhaps an item of head wear for canaries in wet weather? It doesn't matter - they look nice and practical too!''

Nev is now getting quite tea towel set about an exhibition of eggcups coming in the New Year.

''You could say I am quite egg - happy about it. Excited. Egg - cited. Doesn't matter.''

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