Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fireworks Night: Nev's Safety Tips

We all love Fireworks and bonfires at this special time of year but our Nev has highlighted some of the dangers that can be encountered.... Please note: these tips are for entertainment purposes only - not to be taken seriously!!!!! ;)

Neville's Firework Night Safety Tips:

1) Always wear stout shoes. And a nice mac, in fawn.

2) Never use a flask to store rockets - you use those for tea, soups and most hot beverages. I like Horlicks...ooh!

3) Never light a firework with a cheap lighter, you'll be there for hours. Get a good one.

4) Remember to pack sandwiches.

5) Always check the site of a bonfire before lighting - there may be a pair of shoes of mine that I lost there.

6) Fireworks and alcohol don't mix - man up and stick to weak shandy.

7) Hot baked potatoes are nice, look out for those.

8) Get to bed straight after the firework display - remember 'those who dilly dally, often have the grumps' (ancient Chinese proverb possibly).

9) Wear thermal socks, nothing too fancy of course - think practical rather than fashionable.

10) Have fun of course! (In moderation).

Bye for now, Pooters!

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