Thursday, November 24, 2011

WOP Christmas: Nev's Book!

Christmas is a time for a lot of things....toasting the year, feasting, relaxing next to a cosy fire with a glass of something warming.....and the like.
For others, it's a time to milk the cash cow and get some cash in. Nev is plugging this - his new book from WOP Publishing (£49.99 rrp) .

''The book is a 'celebration' in it's own rights.'' Neville said. ''It's all about my kind of people, the hard working trainspotters up and down the country tirelessly and in all weathers, going out looking for train numbers. What bravery!''

Here is a preview of what to expect should you want to purchase it.....

The cover...nice!

''Nice stance on this fellow, quite casual but at the same time - breathtakingly focused.''

''This chap is missing all the action going on behind him! I bet he kicked himself, she looked a beauty too.''

''Lovely long platform this....must be offering this lucky chap quite the spectacle!''

''Strictly for the foolhardy spotter this one - the risks some of 'em take!''

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