Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lighting Fixture Of Death


Something is definitely amiss here at World Of Poot Headquaters. First there was the Windowsill Of Death incident and now...

During a routine piece of maintenance in the South Wing drawing room, our resident electrician - Bob Spark - was horrified to discover yet more terrifying scenes of insect demise.

When interviewed by the local Death Squad, headed up by Chief Inspector Detective Hammer Von Clark, Mr. Spark said "Oh, it was awful. Just awful. I mean, I've seen a few sights in my time. All it needs is those extra 20 watts of energy and... well... you just wouldn't want to be in their shoes. Err... hang on - do insects wear shoes?"

If you are of a nervous disposition, or just don't like the thought of chargrilled bug, you might like to look away now.

Oh, the humanity!


claires81 said...

Hmmmm...once again death features heavily in the posts of WOP. See, people tell me to be optimistic, and this is what I face everyday. Is it any wonder I turn to Neville for comfort in times of such sorrow?

Babbington said...

I think the key thing here is "... this is what I face everyday".

So, let me get this straight - you ponder over this wonderful calamity that we call world Of Poot... every day?! Therein lies the problem, madam!

Mitch and I, we have no excuse - but we have tried to warn you! Still, be it on your own head.

Oh, and Neville is no help - he is still lamenting the demise of the No.63 service between Ramsgate and Peterborough. See, it's all death with him too!