Friday, August 1, 2008

More donations

Regular (and I use that term very loosly) readers will recall my delight at receiving a cheque from our very own Neville Cheestring recently - as noted here.

Well, would you believe it, I received another cheque today - this time from WOP's No.1 (and, frankly, only) sports pundid, Kevin Ketley:

Am I once again delighted? Sadly, no.

My initial elation was shortlived when, on closer inspection, I discovered that Mr. Ketley 'forgot' to sign his cheque. The swine.

An innocent mistake? Pah! This is not the first time he's pulled such a stunt. On one occasion, back in mid 2007, having boasted of a win at the annual Pavement Crack Avoidance Agility Contest up at Dangle Yerbitsthen in Yorkshire, he 'donated' 43,000 pesetas to help start the ball rolling for the WOP International Hotel renovation.


Something is starting to smell decidedly fishy around here - but then, that's probably just Mitch.


Lobster-Mitch said...

Oh yes, that'll be me - with a name like Lobster Mitch, I will smell positively marinal.
you've got a bit of money behind you now, so why not treat yourself to that parsnip you've always yearned for...?

Babbington said...

You know what - I think I might just do that!

First things first, contact our West Country supplier - "The Bumpkin Trading Post". They do the lot - everything that you could possibly think of with regard to a Wurzel-themed existence.

claires81 said...

I know that shop!!! I'm there 4-7 times a week!!!

Babbington said...

4-7 times a week? I heard that you frequent the establishment so often that they have given you your own hay-lined trolley with tassels and private checkout.

Word is they plan on an extesion to the rear so as to increase stock just to keep up with your demands!