Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome To World Of Poot Dating!!

World Of Poot Dating

''You can really meet 'em!''

Here are this month's selection of hapless singletons looking for love.

Edna, 36, From Shepwick.

''I like food and plenty of it, so my prospective partner will have to wine and dine me every 20 minutes. Non smokers please''.

Trevor, 28 From Plootford.

''I'm a real life action man, and have a highly dangerous job working in sewerage production. So I like to live on the edge and pop to the pictures once a month, mad I know!''

Frabov, 30 From Stips.

''I am a refugee from Nikkersoff and need a woman with her own place to house my fifteen kids'.

Neville, 34 From Stains.

''I would like to meet a female of the species, with her own teeth for fun days out. She has to have a body on her, snarf snarf!''

That's it for this time - remember if you don't like what you see in this month's edition, come again next month for more of the same!


claires81 said...

A ha!! Finally, after checking all dating sites (AFINOL - Apple Farmers in need of love,, I have finally tracked Frabov down! Dear editors of WOP, please could you advise him that the updated child total is 16 1/2 after my very own Gunther and Gertie were born. Thanking you kindly.


Babbington said...

Dearest contributor,

In line with our open (to abuse) policy here at WOP, we have passed on the wonderful news of your offspring developments to Frabov. No correspondence from him as yet, but it is believed that, upon receiving the news, he did mutter something along the lines of "Hmmmngg... where... toothbrush?".

On behalf of all at WOP, may I extend our heartiest congratulations and wish you all the best in reaching your goal of 34.72 child folk.

Lobster-Mitch said...

Okay, who didn't type in in google just to see if there is one! I'm sure it could be. Frabov is delighted that you (Claires81) has got in touch. He would of course love to meet you, in fact, tonight he's free.
The sooner the better he said.
Neville seems a bit jealous though, he's gone into a sulk just outside Rodford on the A635.
You can't please them all!