Saturday, December 20, 2008

WOP is 100 today!

Seasons Greetings, pooters! And behold... World Of Poot has reached it's 100th-post! And just in time for Christmas, too. Feel free to jump up and down in jubilation - just mind your head on the chandelier.

Apologies for the lack of activity recently - the badgers got loose again and, well, I don't have to tell you just what slippery little blighters they can be. Suffice it to say, we have spent the best part of this month (and the not-so-best bits, too, actually) trying to round them up! But order has now been restored - and they are safely tucked up in their trees once again.

Aaaanyway, we're all very excited here at WOP HQ, and everyone is well and truely in festive spirit. With just days to go until Santa does his best to squeeze his big fat behind down out non-existent - but seasonally required - chimney, it's time to think about the annual Christmas party.

The WOP team are hard at work... Among the duty officers, Kevin is in charge of party games, being the sporty type. Barry is taking care of the 'round-the-fireplace' story telling. And word has it that Dave and Nige might even put in a surprise appearance (in which case, erm, it's not going to be much of a surprise, is it?!)

"What about Neville?", you may ask... Ahh yes, Neville. Well... oh dear.

Poor old Nev. He wanted something to do, bless him. Just had to be a part of the action. So, given that this is the season of good will and drunken debauchery, we gave in. "Fine, you can do the decorations", we said, "just as soon as you're finished doing your own back home". Well, that was the first mistake. After 3 days of silence, Mitch decided to nip round to Nev's bachelor pad to see if he was alright.

The scene that greeted him would have been quite sad, nay horrific, had it had not been so amusing. A real-life case of 'where's Wally?' if ever there was one - and with a festive twist, too!

To get a better idea of the whole shocking affair, click on the picture to big-up your Nev.

More seasonal antics to follow!


claires81 said...

Happy Christmas boys. I have now had my Christmas season slightly tinged by the traumatic sight of a crushed Nev but shall recover in time to eat Christmas Pud I'm sure!

On a more personal note, Happy Christmas and ta for pressies! Have a lovely wonderful pooting Christmas - and I expect to see photos of trees etc soon. Lots of love, C xx

saltysplash said...

Minimalist is good, Not too OTT and plenty of room for Charades,
BTW, is that a photo of an InterCity 125 or a small window showing how close Nevs pad is to the Mainline?

Babbington said...

Festive greetings, Salty!

Well, I am no expert when it come to trains (BT telephone cards crica 1996 are more my thing), but I am led to understand that the featured train is of the Intercity variety.

And yes - that is indeed a photograph. The Mainline can be seen through the other window. Obviously. It's kind of like surround sound... but for train enthusiasts ;-)

Lobster-Mitch said...

Happy Christmas to you all - Nev is so excited! there's a special train service on near him, and there'll be a rare glimpse of the veteran Class 583 ''Little BobbyPin'' still in lovely condition....Lovely paintwork on her.
Nev concurs with the above post - it is indeed an Intercity loco, or a class 90 HST. He cannot pin the location down exactly, but he feels it might be between milepost 567 and 568 on the Leeds line.

Happy Xmas all! :)