Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WOP 'Special' Christmas Message.....

It's Christmas!!!!!!! Oh yes, it's finally here...and what better way to bring in the festivities than to sit back, eat stuff you'd never ever dream of eating any other time of the year and drink yourself to oblivion. And while you're at it - watch our Christmas Message from the one and only Neville! (in the only way he possibly can...).
So roll out the turkey Mother - it's Neville Time!
Happy Christmas Pooters!!!

PS: so delighted was he with the previous post, Neville has expressed his gratitude to the kind comments and feedback and has pledged £4 to a charity that repairs anoraks.


Babbington said...

Thankyou for those humbling words, Nev. I tell you, I was almost in tears watching it - that'll teach me to be over keen and rush my lavatory activities!

And yes - 'Bloody teeth' indeed.

Lobster-Mitch said...

Hehe..well Nev certainly had a lot to say. He's very delighted that he has found Flossie, he knows he'll probably be breaking a lot of girls hearts mind. But he's happy and in his own words 'That's all that matters'.
We at WOP suggest that he doesn't get too carried away....lol