Saturday, March 7, 2009

Into The Waterways - With Neville Cheestring

Something of an exclusive for you today, Pooters - the film Neville didn't want you to see!

Yes, that's right. Thanks to an onslaught of chinese burns to his left wrist, we managed to get hold of the unseen "Into The Waterways" episode - filmed on New Years Eve day last year. As you will see, not even Nev can keep the momentum going all of the time.

So sit back, kick off your deck shoes and, once it's buffered up, enjoy...

Into The Waterways - With Neville Cheestring



Lobster-Mitch said...'s all there isn't it? Excellent work again We'll have to start thinking of future locations soon mate...hehe...

moggymogg said...

Brilliant, as always!

Poor Nev - he didn't seem too impressed with the location this time. Maybe because it didn't have a gift shop?

Lobster-Mitch said...

Well there wasn't a Visitor Centre for miles, so Nev's interest in this location was off to a bad start lol. Still, he fell over.