Saturday, March 7, 2009

Neville - A look into the future...?

How is this possible? A new wave of NevFash*... long-lost relatives... time travel...?
Who knows. One thing's for certain - we have seen the future appearance of Mr. Cheestring, and he looks like this:

*NevFash is the increasingly common 'street lingo' that the kids are adopting these days, when referring to fashions modelled on our very own Nev. You may not like it, but Neville does... and that's all that matters really.


Lobster-Mitch said...

Scary!!!! Poor Nev had a bit of a turn when he saw this lol. He did like the hat, mind. In Nev's own words 'I have seen thefuture - and it's fawn'.

moggymogg said...

But the hat is blue and red?