Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Neville Introduces.....Fire Extinguisher Spotting!

Poor Nev. He does get a little confused sometimes. He wanted something more of
a challenge ..... something different.
So he decided to take up a new extinguisher spotting! Yes. Well, it's not our place to judge, so here's the man himself to tell you all about it.

''Ooooh yes, these beauties are a great start to my new found hobby. Nay - passion. Look at them, the colour...the practicality. Lovely red on them.

''This is somewhat of a classic, the model BX-t6759. I particularly am drawn to the simplistic yet aesthetic qualities of her. Co2 or H20...I don't mind. It doesn't matter.''

Something of a catch! two of them. Lovely. You've got the modest yet sleek look of the Bx-g709 next to the bold, silver modern BX-g900! It doesn't get much better.''

More next time I expect, pooters!


saltysplash said...

Hey poot about an " ask Nev" section on the blog. Punters ask a Q and Nev astounds all with the answer.
Has this already been done or did I dream it?
ok my first question.
when confronted with a raging inferno, is it best to grab the nearest Halo extinguisher and go hell for leather at the base of the fire, or hand the afor mentioned fire fighting tool to a small child while making a tactical retreat where one can then get some teacakes ready for toasting should the childs attempts at firefighting fail?

Babbington said...

Hey Salty! Good to hear from you again - how the devil are you?

Now then, this was an idea that Nev considered back in September '08, shortly before his runaway film career success really took hold. Personally, I would like to see this as a regular feature, so I will put in an official request and we'll see what happens.

In the mean time, you might like to check out the previous 'Ask Neville' thread here

Lobster-Mitch said...

I think Nev is due another probing too lol. I shall get onto it....or rather he will...erm... ;)