Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas WOP: Q & A With N.C. and Dizzee Donut

We caught up with N.C (Neville Cheestring) and Dizzee Donut (real name unknown) after their recent chart success with their hit single 'WOP Groovez'. They were preparing for a T- Shirt signing in Oxford Street (Lipchester).

Our reporter posed the questions to the duo.....

Q: How did you get on when recording 'WOP Groovez'?

DD: Well it went fine but N.C's obsession with da studio toilet rolls made things well sad ya' know. That said, for a sad stylee - he did okay...considering this sort of sound isn't really his bag. What tunez are? Best not to lose da shut eye over dat innit.
Donut is right, I'm not really into this kind of music, or any really - but I thought this would be a good way to reach out to the youth. I like to reach out and touch 'em, you see.

Q: Neville, would you consider going to America for inspiration for the next single?

N.C: Is there going to be a follow up single then? Seriously, I don't know. We did okay with this one, I don't think we should push our luck. As my father said to me once ''Quit while you're alive, son'. I couldn't consider going abroad though - all that foreign food plays merry havoc with the you know what.
DD: I don't fink you'd go down too fly in da hood Nev!

Q: Dizzee, would you like to do another single with Neville?

DD: No. The guy is whack, man.

Q: What words of advice do you have for budding musicians out there who would like to be where you are?

N.C: Well, I think you should always eat your greens and wear a sensible pullover. Anything else is a bonus.
DD: You gotta reach into your soul and get da inspiration from your innermost feelings and emotions, then pour them out in your soundz. I grew up in the ghetto in Skitwick Ferrers, and I had to grow up fast. If you didn't have a gun or knife when you were 6, you'd be dead. I opted for a knife and I got shot. Retrospect is a gift. Bo!

Q: Finally boys, what are you working on now?
N.C: I am preparing my Christmas Story soon to be shown here on WOP, I'm getting quite tea towel set about it. I won't spoil anything but needless to say it'll be a story about Christmas.
DD: I am signing on next week. Whack....

Thanks boys - good luck to you both!

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