Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas WOP: Holding Out For A Neville

Well.....Christmas wouldn't be Christmas unless our Nev' has covered an eighties classic would it? It seems his recent musical success (relatively speaking) with Dizzee Donut and his Christmas single has left him wanting more. He decided to do a cover of Bonnie Tyler's ''Holding Out For A Hero''

We tried to point out that this is a song probably best sung from a females perspective given the lyrics and that, but he just chuckled ''I like it and that's all that matters really. I did this to honour the unsung heroes that need the recognition they sorely deserve. With my head on them because I look better.''

Right then - enjoy!

''Holding Out For A Hero''
Written by Dean Steinman and Dean Pitchford.
CBS Music 1984.

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