Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas WOP: At Home With Neville - Again!

Following on from our recent discovery of a vintage recording of 'At Home With Neville', we have unearthed another episode! This is somewhat more amazing, as this slice of life with Neville called 'A Date With Disappointment' stars our other WOP regulars, Art Bear and Kevin Ketley. Incredible...!
They all have aged so well, especially Bear it has to said.

In this one Neville agrees to meet Art Bear and Kevin in the pub, he seems estranged in these surroundings as he has only been in the pub once for some peanuts and a Babycham years ago! Events unfold as he meets Anna, a young girl from Latvia....... What will happen?

Tune in and see!

Are these the only two survivng episodes of the series? Who knows.....*

*Possibly, yes.

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