Thursday, June 25, 2009

WOP Special: World Of Poot; OneYear On.

As part of our WOP celebrations, Neville Cheestring presents and narrates this 'special' video, looking at the origins of WOP, it's characters and what's going on in the minds of the creators Lobster-Mitch and Babbington.

It also includes never seen before footage!

It's all there Pooters, it's all there.......(but mainly it's yet another thinly disguised Neville Show).


Babbington said...

First of all...

You swine!!! Lol


I actually got just a little bit choked watching that. But once I unbuttoned my shirt, I was fine.

Seriously, thoguh, I feel we should give ourselves a slap on the back - we've achieved so much in just one year; I mean, just look at how far Mr. Cheestring has grown. As have his teeth!

Ahhh... thanks for the memories, buddy. Here's to the future of yet more mindless pootage :)

Lobster-Mitch said...

Yes, it's been 'quite a journey' lol. So what next for WOP? Well, more of the same wouldn't be bad would it? lol. ;)
A bit of advice for you pal - don't eat anything when you're watching my videos lol! :)

Babbington said...

Wise words indeed! lol

That reminds me - I'm starving!

Lobster-Mitch said...

Then make sure you've eaten before looking at my latest post lol! ;)